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The Backwards Bike

Everyone can ride a bike, but what if you reverse the way that bike turns? The concept may seem doable at first, but in practice it turns out to be much more difficult! YouTube channel […]

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

You may have seen the trailer or at least the listing for this new film from the Cohen Brothers on Netflix. Having just watched it last night I can say that this film feels right […]

100 Years Later

Time never stops. Time heals all, they say. Time has brought us to where we are this very day, and time will take us to where we are going. I suppose that I didn’t fully […]

Weekend House Jam: Summer ’99

It’s Friday y’all and that means the next two days can be filled with as much debauchery as we so please. Turn those speakers up to 11 and keep the party alive! Fuel your dancing […]

A $40 Battlebot

YouTuber William Osmam brings a fun and lighthearted feeling to physics and sciences and that is part of why he is one of my favorite channels to watch. In this video he and his pals […]

Dumbo Trailer

Ready for the feels? Well Disney released the latest trailer for Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton, and man, is someone cutting onions in here? Check it out.

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