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The Heck Is A Scotch Snap!?

Music theory is fascinating to me. There are so many similarities to be found within in seemingly the most different types of music. Like what could Cardi B possibly have in common with traditional Scottish […]

Colin Furze Makes Props

Props, gadgets, whatever you want to call them, Colin Furze makes ’em. Today’s video finds Colin recreating a cursed item from a video game! The whole device is actually a prosthetic arm in the video […]

Blender Soups from Babish

What a weird March we have had so far. Sub zero temperatures across the state bring to mind unique ways to warm up. A favorite of mine happens to be soup, which not only warms […]

Link’s Awakening

Yesterday, Nintendo had another “Nintendo Direct”, where they introduce some new games, give updates on existing games, and just generally update us on what they’re doing. It was all well and good, business as usual, […]

Hot Ones – Seth Meyers

If you’ve never checked out Hot Ones, its a show where they interview celebrities while eating increasingly hotter and hotter wings. This week, they brought on late night talk show host Seth Meyers. Seth seems […]

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