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Playstation Classic

On the heels of the wildly popular NES and SNES Classic from Nintendo, Sony announced their very own Playstation Classic! Set to release on December 3rd, the mini-system will come with two controllers and 20 […]

Captain Marvel Trailer

In the next big adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we meet Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Its an origin story set in the 90s, so check out the trailer now!

A Moonbase Is More Likely Than You Think

Science fiction is continually becoming reality as we rocket through the 21st century. With the advent of the smartphone, people have the luxury of mankind’s vast wealth of knowledge, the Internet, at their fingertips. Computing […]

Joker Origin Story

In a photo released today, we get the first glimpse at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker before he became the Joker. The film is set to release next August, and has yet to be named. […]

Nintendo News

More exiting news for Switch and 3DS owners. More Nintendo games on the way. Plus we get more info on Super Smash Brothers! Check out the video.

Red Green at Interlochen

How ’bout that, eh!? Stereotypes aside, Red Green played a huge roll in shaping my sense of humor. The deadpan delivery and the home brewed handy man tips had my whole family ripe with laughter. […]

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