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Elevate That Cheap Steak

A lot of people will say that it’s all about the cut of meat. Even if you go to great lengths to prepare the steak, a bad cut of meat will produce bad results. Well, […]

Stone Cold on Hot Ones

Growing up, I was a huge Stone Cold Steve Austin fan. So when I saw that he was on the season finale of Hot Ones, I knew it was gonna be a good one. Sean […]

The Most Healthy Burger

Healthy for your soul…I should have specified. A bacon cheese burger served on a glazed donut bun! Oh baby. This is the big leagues.

Revisiting Old Shows

There are so many shows out there that I haven’t seen yet, or new seasons of shows that I watch that have come out… but I always gravitate back to older shows. In the last […]

Make Better Mac

Mac n cheese is a tasty dinner treat. Easy to whip up, doesn’t take many ingredients, and is generally a crowd pleaser. And NO I am not talking about box-and-powder mac. I am talking about […]

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