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Albums Are Good For You

In music news, my favorite kind of news, listening to an entire album is good for a mood booster a recent study finds (Study)! I think that I have always known this, because one thing […]

Oven Made Brisket

The temperature has begun to fall, as have the leaves. Which means it is SOUL FOOD season! You want a meal that really sticks to the ribs and provides you with plenty of energy to […]

Hotkeys Hotmix 9-27-19

Check out this Friday night’s exclusive Hotmix!

Animal Style Tots

Look, I don’t eat food to be healthy, that much should be clear. I eat food to experience flavors and textures that make my brain happy. Pretty sure that makes me a glutton. Any this […]

Tyler’s Movie Podcast – IT Chapter 2

Tyler Woods is back with another Movie Review for IT: Chapter Two with Special Guest John Shepard! Before reviewing the movie Tyler talks about watching the TV film for the first time, his experience with […]

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