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Lemon Pepper Wet

These wings were incredible. Absolutely crispy and perfect. I followed the recipe here for the over version, and the version with clarified butter instead of buffalo sauce. What an absolute treat that I look forward […]

At Home White Castle

Over the weekend I gathered some pals and we cooked up the recipe featured here on Sam The Cooking Guy’s YouTube page! All told, the process took us about 3 hours. And let me tell […]


I enjoy a good egg to start the day, but I didn’t know there were more than 40 ways to prepare that egg! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWAagS_MANg

The Heck Is A Scotch Snap!?

Music theory is fascinating to me. There are so many similarities to be found within in seemingly the most different types of music. Like what could Cardi B possibly have in common with traditional Scottish […]

Colin Furze Makes Props

Props, gadgets, whatever you want to call them, Colin Furze makes ’em. Today’s video finds Colin recreating a cursed item from a video game! The whole device is actually a prosthetic arm in the video […]

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