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Aaron Santini

1 old lady left

by Aaron posted Oct 11 2017 5:40AM

Yesterday evening I decided to take a bike ride along the lake that we live near. This particular lake is much like every other inland lake in Northerwest Michigan in the fact that almost all of the homes that surround it are seasonal. Memorial Day through Labor Day, most every house / cottage is bustling with activity. Kids swimming, jet skis racing across the water, folks playing lawn games, ect. Last night on my bike ride? Out of the 30-40 homes I rode by along the lake, only one had any activity. One lone house with an older lady, my guess is in her 80s, was sitting out on the deck by herself. I say "hi" as I rode by, and she smiled back at me. It was a beautiful bike ride. The water was as calm as glass, and the sun was setting behind the hills that surround the lake. But aside from me riding by, this lady was the last last person standing among the Summer residents. It was a surreal realization for me, but also a reminder of how much seasonal residency we have in our area. Side note, I took this picture while on my ride last night.

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10/11/2017 5:50AM
1 old lady left
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