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Heather & Aaron celebrity interviews

Here are some of the celebs that Heather & Aaron have had the chance to chat with.

Heather & Aaron's 2nd Date Update

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Sick Day Shenanigans

One of Heather & Aaron's most popular bits! Listen as they set people up to call in (fake) sick to their bosses with ridiculous excuses.


Heather's Podcast

Heather Leigh from the 106KHQ morning show has her own Podcast. Check it out here.

Aaron's Podcast

Aaron Santini from the 106KHQ morning show has his own Podcast. Listen to it here.

Lisa Knight's Cheap Dates Podcast

Looking for a cheap date this weekend? Check out Lisa's Podcast for ideas.


Fish's Podcast

You hear him every afternoon on KHQ, now listen to his Podcast!

My Girlfriend's Teenage Diary

Every Thursday Fish reads an entry from his girlfriend's teenage diary. Missed any of the segments? Listen to them here.

Pokemon Go getting a revival? Fish certainly thinks so.
A couple of weeks ago the folks in charge of the air show at the National Cherry Festival contacted us to see if any of the on air personalities would like to fly in a stunt plane with one of the pilots. Heather and I both laughed, and respectfully declin
Listen to my latest podcast! 

Jimmy Hot Key's Podcast

Jimmy Hot Keys is KHQ's resident music lover. Check out his Podcast now!

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