It really is true about Northern Michigan

I've never been a fan of Winter. Born & raised in Northern Michigan, anytime I would complain about the snow and cold, someone would inevitably chime in with "at least we don't have earthquakes and hurricanes." I would always roll my eyes and think "whatever, I'd still rather be wearing shorts right now." But after having lived outside of Michigan for 15 years before moving back 3 years ago, I have first hand experience of how true that statement from my youth really is.

When I lived in Lafayette, Louisiana, the eye of hurricane Lily hit us dead on. After the first wall of the storm passed, I stood outside in the middle of the eye, and looked at the eye wall all around me. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. When I lived in Iowa the Cedar River set a flooding record and put the city of Cedar Rapids, a city of 150,000 people, completely under water and devastated that region.

Those are just two of the weather events that we don't have to worry about in Northern Michigan. Sure, we might get some water in our basement in Spring, but there aren't any rivers putting our homes 10 feet under water. Also this week, wildfires are ravaging Montana. California routinely has earthquakes and mudslides, and the great plains are always on alert for tornadoes. Meanwhile, in Northern Michigan? Yea, we get a lot of snow, and it does make for bad driving conditions from time to time in the Winter. But overall? Not much to worry about from a natural disaster standpoint in our neck of the woods.