Best invention ever?

As Thanksgiving gets closer I, like many Americans, fully accept that I'll be putting on a few pounds through the Holidays. Thanksgiving is just the best. We get to completely gorge ourselves to the point of getting sick, and it's perfectly culturally accepted! Let's face it, unhealthy food shaming has become a big deal these days. Bring the wrong non-organic treat to your kid's treat day and basically you'll be viewed as the devil for the rest of the school year. But Thanksgiving? All bets are off! Forget seconds, I'm going up for forths. And pie? Get outta here with a "piece" give me the whole damn pie. Yes, I will eat an ENTIRE apple pie after Thanksgiving dinner, and I don't even care. Don't believe me? Oh, come watch. You'll be amazed at the embarrassing amount of chow I can put away in one sitting. Which is what makes these pants GENIUS! Stove Top seriously may have created the greatest product ever.