Disney raising park prices

One think I am looking forward to most as a dad is taking my boys to Disney some day. As a matter of fact, my wife and I were just discussing yesterday if we'd like to try and do Disneyland, or Disney World. Then this morning the first story I see on Facebook when I sit down here at work is that prices are going up for both parks. One day peak price for Disneyland will now be $135 per person, with regular and value day prices at $117 and $97. Peak day price for Disney World will now be $129, with value day price at $109. Those are the adult prices, and if you're wonding, 10 years and older is an adult ticket.

Doing the quick math (kids tickets are a few bucks cheaper) it will cost us in the ballpark of $475 to go to Disney World for one day. That's 2 adult tickets, and 2 kid's tickets. One day, at one park. If we want to go for 2 days? Or go to one of the other parks like Animal Kingdom, or Epcot? Yep, considerably more. That number hurts my brain. I get it, I'm not mad about it. It's supply and demand. The Disney parks are so ridiculously popular, they can charge whatever they want, and people will still pack the parks. We still plan on taking our boys at some point, we just might have to wait until we get really lucky on a scratch off ticket first!