4 years ago I became a dad

Today is my oldest son’s 4th birthday. As every parent knows, time flies. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Time moves a warp speed. Yesterday afternoon he looked at me and said “Daddy, I want to go to a restaurant for my birthday tomorrow.” I responded with “when did you get so big?” To which he looked at me, roared at me like a dinosaur, and ran down the hallway. All I could do was laugh. Where does 4 years go? He was only 6 month old when we moved to Northern Michigan from Iowa, and it seems like just yesterday. The funny part about Wyatt is that he looks just like his Momma, but acts just like me. The family irony being that his brother, Aiden, looks just like me, but acts just like his Momma. So happy birthday to my first born, and yes, we can go to a restaurant for your birthday. My guess is we will end up at the Chinese buffet. And, yes, my 4 year-old’s favorite restaurant is the Chinese buffet!