March Madness time

Last night was selection Sunday for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Michigan is the #3 seed in the West, and Michigan State is the #3 seed in the Midwest. More importantly, it’s the annual “office bragging rights” bracket contest time! Only a couple of people in our office actually follow college basketball all season long, but pretty much everyone takes part in the bracket contest. And if you’re office is anything like ours, it’s usually the person who knows the absolute LEAST about college basketball every year that wins. And that’s the beauty of it. You really don’t have to know a single thing about the teams in order to win. There are huge upsets every year, and the person who nails a couple of those big upsets is usually the one to take home the office bragging rights for the year. From a Michigan sports fan perspective, this year is extra cool with both Michigan and Michigan State having high seeds, and legit chances to advance well into the tournament.