Are you a terrible neighbor with your fireworks?

Earlier this week we asked our audience how they felt about fireworks in their neighborhoods. The overwhelming response was that most folks are annoyed, or flat out angry, at the people in their neighborhoods that shoot of fireworks for hours on end, night after night. We learned that there is no State law regarding consumer fireworks, however the State does allow individual towns to enact an ordinance that only allows fireworks the day before, day of, and day after a National Holiday, up until midnight. However many towns in Northern Michigan have not enacted that ordinance. My question to you, neighborhood pyro, is why do you enjoy being a terrible neighbor? I think most folks are fine with fireworks on the 4th of July, or on the weekend. But where almost everyone that responded to us drew the line was middle of the week explosion-fests until midnight, or later. Do you have no common courtesy? Do you enjoy waking up little kids? Do you enjoy making babies cry? Do you get off on giving pets anxiety, or keeping people who work the early shift up at all hours just so you can get your Beavis & Butthead explosion jollies? Is it your legal right? Sure. Does it make everyone else in your neighborhood secretly hope one of your fireballs accidentally lands on your roof and starts your house on fire?…no comment.