Frustrations Of Modern Dating

I hate dating apps. I HATE them. I really try to mitigate my usage of the word hate so that it has more gravity, so you know I am full of disdain when you hear me say I hate something. And I HATE DATING APPS. For starters, half of the profiles for women on dating apps are just bot accounts set up to phish for credit card info or worse, they just spread viruses. If you’re a lucky enough guy to find a real woman’s page, chances are she has spelled out why you aren’t even going to get a shot with her because blah blah blah whatever superficial reason. And those reasons range from height, weight, and facial features all the way to what kind of dog you own. I swear I have read the same words in the same order about coffee, entitlement, dogs, and how “I’m not here for hookups” across every dating profile I’ve ever seen. Tinder is especially cancerous because so few people actually fill out their personal description. I try my best to not judge on physical appearance but if that is all you’re going to give me, I’m swiping left. Too often relationships are based in image rather than content of character. And no, I don’t want to go out to the bars either cause that costs too much. Basically, being a 20 something male and trying to find love is an uphill climb and I am sick of it.