Modern Horror Lacks Plot

I didn’t see The Nun. I didn’t want to see The Nun. The last horror movie I went to a theater for was The Cure For Wellness and it was so unapologetically bad that I have decided to not spend money on modern horror films ever again. The problem with Cure For Wellness for me was the setup: the film presented itself as this social commentary about how we all need to get away from the ego of society every now and then. What the film actually was….spoiler alert…was a poorly presented monster movie about a guy that had figured out the secret to immortality. Horror movies are supposed to reflect the horrors of real life in fantastical ways, but lately horror films have just been a load of scary imagery loosely tied together by some lazy writers. Watch this explanation of The Nun and see for yourself. Heads up, the video creator swears a lot and there are spoilers for The Nun.