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Paul McCartney on Carpool Karaoke

I always love theses segments, and this one might be the greatest one yet. Paul McCartney. Watch as Sir Paul joins James Corden for a legendary episode of Carpool Karaoke

“Up to our whiskers in cats”

Yesterday on “Heather’s Hounds” we had a sweet dog named Clark Kent in with us, and I’m hoping he will be adopted this weekend (if he hasn’t been already!) But one thing that Scott from […]

Hotkeys Library: Wolfgang Gartner

If you haven’t heard me gush about Wolfgang Gartner you are in for it now. I don’t get to talk about this maestro nearly enough. Wolfgang Gartner is consistently one of my favorite musicians (my […]

McDonalds “Frylus”

It’s a Fry, it’s a Stylus. It’s the FRYLUS! The folks over at McDonalds Michigan sent me one to show off, and if you were lucky today, while supplies lasted, when you purchased a 100% […]

Creed II trailer

The movie “Creed” exceeded my expectation more than any movie I’ve seen in recent years. I’ve always loved the “Rocky” movies, so figured I would go see it “just to see how it would be.” […]

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