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Jimmy Hotkeys

Native to the great white north, I’ve been playing to my own beat since day one.

Radio is a new adventure to me, and I am definitely having fun! I studied music at Alma College, and in the summer of ‘14 found myself as the intern for this great station KHQ.

Thus began what has been the best job of my life! Working in radio allows me to stay creative and youthful, not that any of that is hard at 24.

Off the job, I spend my time skateboarding and writing music. DJing is one of my biggest passions, and some day I hope to tour the world performing my music!

A New Years Jam

by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jan 2 2018 7:14PM
The new year brings about lots of exciting oppertunity. One is faced with a fresh set of 365 days to plan out, look forward to, and enjoy! Some people spend the night prior forgetting about the old year and getting ready for the new. I personally spent my New Year's Eve celebrating the year about to expire, while also welcoming the new! Making music is my most favorite way to celebrate anything, so of course that is exactly what I was doing on December 31st! Here is a clip of part of the fun I had!
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01/02/2018 7:24PM
A New Years Jam
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01/03/2018 1:44PM
Jimmy Hot Bones
Rockin' out!
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