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Artimis is Afraid of Video Game Zombies

So I had a few friends over last night, and we were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Artimis and I played a few rounds of online multiplayer, doing fairly well mind you. Art and I are pretty baller when it comes to COD online. Hit me up on my gamertag RadioFish and we might play some time. Later in the night, one of the girls suggested we play the Zombies minigame. Artimis died a couple of times leaving me to get mauled by a ton of zombies as I tried to revive him.

He ended up handing the controller over to one of the girls because he said he didn't like it and it scared him too much, haha. She proceeded to show him up and her and I got further than I did with Art. All in all a fun night. 

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12/16/2010 11:13AM
Artimis is Afraid of Video Game Zombies
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