02:35am EDT, 07/21/17

Back to School Beater!

106 KHQ is looking for students heading back to school this fall who need a new ride!

If mom and dad have said no to buying you a car, we've got your hookup with a chance to win our Back to School Beater!

We've teamed up with Lakeshore Auto Sales in Eastport and will put 5 gallons of gas in a 2004 Kia Optima, then drive it across Northern Michigan until it runs out of gas.

Your job is to guess, to the tenth of a mile, how far you think we'll make it.

Enter below and take your guess, the three closest guesses will do a grand prize ride along with Jimmy and one lucky finalist will win the car!

Official Rules
* Name  
* Email  
* Phone  
* Town  
* Birthdate (must be at least 18)  
* Mileage Guess (how far will the car travel on 5 gallons of gas to the tenth of a mile)  
Questions marked with * are required.
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