Hey, My name is Scotty "The Night Guy" for 106KHQ.

I get paid to entertain you every night from 7p-Midnight. Occasionally I will have a "PIC" (Partner in Crime) his name is Jimmy Hot Keys. 

Once in college I attempted to break the world record for most chicken nuggets was an epic failure, but I am still training and one day ill get it. 

Dont be afraid to call and chat 231-947-1106 

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Chattin with The AJR Brothers

Every now and again I am lucky enough to be able to shoot the breeze with some of the artisits that we play. On Mar. 26 I debuted a new song to our station by a group, from New York, of 3 Brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan. The Band is called AJR (DUHHHHHHH) and the song is called "IM READY". I tweeted them that I was playing there new song, along with the help of KHQ's Following and AJR's Following we were able to get in touch with the guys and I asked them why they decided to Use Spongebob in their song listen here.

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So in case you missed it last night we (Intern Ryan and Myself) were lucky enough to catch up with Ryan from Hot Chelle Rae. He was voting for their new song "Don't say Goodnight" on the Que it or Screw it. 

We talked to him about that new song and of course The Beibs. Listen up and enjoy 

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Eva Longoria Looks Nothing But Prestigious For Her March Cover & Spread!

Bow Chicka WOW WOW: Eva Longoria has never thought of herself as a sex symbol.

And she may be the only one after having sizzled on the screen for eight years on the hit drama Desperate Housewives

Looking drop dead gorgeous in a navy blue gown with sexy cutouts on the side, the brunette beauty covers Prestige Hong Kong's March 2014 Issue, in which she opens up about her status as a sex symbol, her fiercely private personal life, and when she'll be returning to the boob tube after a busy few years working behind the scenes. 

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