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News Man Christmas
On this morning's episode "News Man Christmas," Vic McCarty came on the show for News Man Name That Tune and is getting an artificial tree REALLY THAT big of a deal? Hear what happened at the link!

AUDIO News Man Christmas
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Throwback Cougar
This morning we heard about the 'cougars' running wild in the U.P. That brought us to the cougar Barbie- hear about it at the link. Plus we play Throwback Thursday! Play along and see how you do?

AUDIO Throwback Cougar
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Psychic Fun
In today's episode, "Psychic Fun", Psychic Tammy Schuster came in to answer questions, Heather went home sick and Josh has news about crime in Traverse City. Hear it all at the link!

AUDIO Psychic Fun
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Topics: Law_Crime
Locations: Traverse City
People: Tammy Schuster

The Artimis
On this morning's episode "The Artimis", Artimis, from the KHQ afternoon show, stopped in to test his stand up comedy on us and we'll just say a slight breakdown happened - hear it all at the link!

AUDIO The Artimis
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Your Opinion is Wrong
On this morning's episode, "Your Opinion is wrong," we went through some trending audio where Oprah gets really awkward with Justin Bieber, Josh updates us on the sign he held up on the news last week and Heather needs help with Christmas shopping for Ella. Hear it all at the link!

AUDIO Your Opinion is Wrong
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Giving Psychic
On this morning's episode we talked about some gross things that you've caught gross people doing - Josh's worst nightmare came true at the store! Plus Psychic Tammy Schuster came in to answer questions! Hear it all atthe link!

AUDIO Giving Psychic
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Gossip Men
On this morning's episode, "Gossip Men", we outed the guys who are stuck on Chick Flicks. Josh gets ripped on for watching Along Came Polly and we play Throwback Tuesday! See how well you do! Heather would have won this round!

AUDIO Gossip Men
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On this morning's episode, "Nerd", we had an on going tech/ relationship theme. One question that popped up, do you say Facebook friends with an ex after you break things off? We found some very valid reasons why you should unfriend. We also role played and found the winner for KHQ's Bieber Fever and Josh talks about what happened on Friday with 7 and 4 news! Check it out here!
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News Man Take Over
Did you see Josh and Heather on the news this morning? Nathan Edwards from 7 and 4 joined the show today along with Artimis and things got crazy. Vic McCarty joined in for News Man Name that Tune & tried to defend his "News Man Status" plus we help out a girl who is dating a "tooth licker". Check it out!

AUDIO News Man Take Over
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No Bump and Grind
On today's episode we tried to see how good you are with the music you graduated with during the KHQ Throwback Thursday plus Heather needs sleep and is wondering if separate beds or rooms is a bad thing? Check it all out here!

AUDIO No Bump and Grind
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Topics: Human Interest

Black Friday Psychic
In today's episode Psychic Tammy Schuster came by to answer questions, plus Josh and Heather argue about Black Friday being on Thursday and get your take on it. Check it all out here!!

AUDIO Black Friday Psychic 
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Topics: Sports
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Crying in Northern Michigan
In today's episode crying took center stage. Is there something that makes you cry, no matter where you are or what you're doing? For Josh we found out it's hearing "Walking in Memphis" and for Heather it's that Christmas song from Charlie Brown. Also, if you're looking to buy something at a great price we opened up phones for KHQ Buy, Sell, Trade! And how about a bar crawl but with food? Check it out!
AUDIO Crying in Northern Michigan
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Topics: Human Interest
Locations: MemphisMichiganNorthern Michigan
People: Charlie Brown

The Complaint
In today's episode we aired out the complaint bag to give everyone an idea of some of the crazy complaints we get, this opened up a HUGE can of worms on our Facebook page ( Hear some of the complaints at the link!
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Sexy Men
In this episode we talk SEXY MEN! Who do you think is the sexiest man alive? We took votes this morning and got Heather's input. Vic McCarty joined in and offended everyone with News Man Name that Tune and Josh has a mental break down live on the air. Hear it all at the link!

AUDIO Sexy Men
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Cougar Pop
In today's episode we hear from someone upset that her 19 year old is dating a 46 year old, Heather gives us the run down with Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson in the Hollywood Buzz & we start our Sesame Street Live giveaway with our Throwback Thursday! Hear it all at the link!

AUDIO Cougar Pop
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Elected Psychic
In today's episode Heather runs down all the local and state election results that affect Northern Michigan, Josh finds out if his "write in vote" helped him get a seat as county Sheriff, Psychic Tammy Schuster stopped in to answer questions and we wanted to know what your dog ate (how long does it take for a dog to pass $300?)!! Check it out here!

AUDIO Elected Psychic
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Locations: Northern Michigan
People: Psychic Tammy Schuster

Crazy Cougar Woman
In today's episode we found out what the boss' pet name and talk to he and his wife about it. Plus do you and your man or girl get along when it comes to politics? And who is the crazy cougar woman? Check out the show here!

AUDIO Crazy Cougar Woman
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Cleanse This
Heather is on a new cleanse, hear about it here. Did you know dogs now have an audio tape to help them sleep? Yeah, we found it! Who would call the cops for a bird in the road? And  in the Hollywood Buzz Aerosmith dropped the FBomb on the Today show.  Check the show out here

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The Piano Man
This morning we had some drama with someone who thinks her 9 year old might not actually be her husband's and on the lighter side of things we had Eddy Walda, a junior at Harbor Springs, come in and show us his talents on the piano! Plus Vic McCarty showed us his talents with pop music! Check out the audio here!

AUDIO The Piano Man
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People Are Stupid
Today we went over the latest in Stupid People Doing Stupid Things, Heather runs through the Hollywood Buzz and bad driving makes another appearance on the show...

AUDIO People Are Stupid
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