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Heather Do You Own A Television at Home?
How good are you with TV themes? Check out the audio at the link to see how well you know them, please! Here's why: we put a spin on today's Throwback Thursday and used old TV themes, we thought they would be easy but the contestants really struggled. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard are these themes? Plus, a special shout out to our favorite Meijer greeter!

AUDIO Heather Do You Own a Television at Home
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Creepy Cat
TRUE OR FALSE: Cats are creepy! We have a HUGE reason for that statement, hear it at the link! Psychic Tammy Schuster came on to answer your questions this morning - hear what happened at the link!

AUDIO Creepy Cat
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Thin Women
Ladies TRUE OR FALSE? Women dislike other women who they feel are more attractive than they are. We got into this a bit this morning after we went over a study that said women don't like other women who are thin. What do you think? Hear what happenedat the link!

AUDIO Thin Women
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The Hair
What has someone else ruined for you? Josh is now emotionally messed up because he found a hair in his food at his fav Chinese Restaurant - hear about it at the link. Plus Heather tells us about a guy snapping pics in the men's room at the mall and hear the new New Kids on the Block song here!

AUDIO The Hair
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The Boy Band Returns
Finish the lyrics: I live my life, the way to ____________. HINT it's from the Backstreet Boys! Check out the link to hear if you're right! Plus a story of a woman who did what just about every woman wants to do when then their husband hogs the covers. Hear it all at the link!

AUDIO The Boy Band Returns
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The Rude List
What is the #1 thing that people do that YOU think is rude? How about change the channel in a waiting room? We brought that up this morning, plus our Throwback to your favorite boy bands! And you wouldn't believe how this kid came out of the closet -hear it all at the link!

AUDIO The Rude List
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The Neck Tattoo
Would you be upset if your boyfriend or husband got a neck tattoo without you knowing? That happened! Hear about it at the link. Plus the emotions involved in finding a hair in your food, the President's Petoskey Stone and all of today's Hollywood Buzz at the link!

AUDIO The Neck Tattoo
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Her Inner-Cougar
Ladies and gentlemen Heather's "Inner Cougar" came out this morning!! You can hear it at 5:33 into the audio. Also, trending audio, Hollywood Buzz and anything else we could fit around the school closings...
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