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Posts from April 2013

JT Said it Best

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Happy Birthday to Nate Edwards
Called up Nathan Edwards on his birthday and aired the call. Then someone called up to question him on his "getting up there" comments... Listen below.

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Pet Peeves
Last week I was in line at the self-checkout lane, wanting to get my three items and get out. The lanes, being 12 items or less, usually move fast. However, this day was different. There were two different ladies at the self-checkout lanes with cartloads of groceries each! Last time I checked 30 was not less than 12. Just one of the things that gets on my nerves.

I opened up the lines for your annoyances. Listen below.

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Can't Hold Us - Music Video
The latest Macklemore & Ryan Lewis music video hit the web on Wednesday. Check it out below!
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Amazing scene at Bruins Game
Wednesday night, the first sporting event to be held in Boston since Monday's tragedy took place. The Boston Bruins hosted the Buffalo Sabres, and this was the scene before the game. Real moving stuff. 

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