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Posts from May 2013

Best Trick Shot Ever
Probably the best basketball trick shot I've ever seen.

Are you ready?

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Amanda Bynes Self-Destruction
Twitter is becoming so integrated into society, that people are starting to tweet every moment of their life. Even when their life is in a spiraling tail-spin.

Enter Amanda Bynes

The girl from All That and The Amanda Show, has turned into a circus act on twitter, and we're all witnesses. The new "Lohan" so to speak. Tweeting about being too overweight at 130lbs, to wanting Drake to "Murder her V**ina", to strange piercings on her cheeks, to Wednesday's actions. Near-topless photos, and word of police at her house.

Click for photo (slighty inappropriate content)

It's hard to watch, but it's also hard to not turn away.

CBS Article:
Buzzfeed Article:
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