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Posts from November 2013

Wrecking Ball - Chatroulette
A bearded man re-enacts the Wrecking Ball music video on Chatroulette.

There are no other words to describe what is going on in this video.

Check it out.

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Channing Tatum parodies Van Damme
Last week, Volvo released an ad for their trucks with Jean-Claude Van Damme in it. In the video, The Muscles from Brussels is seen doing one of his iconic splits between two moving trucks.

Check out that video here -->

On set filming the sequel to 21 Jump Street (22 Jump Street?) Channing Tatum re-enacts this epic split.

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Fan distracts player by singing Wrecking Ball
A fan of Belmont University belted out his own version of "Wrecking Ball" at the top of his lungs while a North Carolina player attempted a free throw. The player missed the shot.

Check out the video below.

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Awesome Jean-Claude Van Damme Commercial
As if we needed more reasons why Jean-Claude Van Damme was a badass, he recently filmed a commercial with Volvo to show how precise the steering is on their new trucks. Check out the video below.

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Rihanna rocks a Mullet!
No, really.

Rihanna release some very... well angsty looking photos of herself from her upcoming music video for the song "What Now" (one can only assume the song is about Chris Brown) which comes out on Friday. The Black and White photos show RiRi smoking and rocking what can only be described as very long mullet. It appears that she's been working on it for a while.

Check it out below

(photos courtesy of Rihanna's Instagram - @badgalriri)

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I just changed your mind about breakfast

Bacon. Cinnamon Rolls.

I mighttry this. Maybe pre-cook the bacon a little beforehand though...
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