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Posts from March 2014

Road Rage Instant Karma
First, please excuse the VERTICAL VIDEO (sorry, pet peeve of mine) 

Anyways, this person was being tailgaited and decided to roll video. Check it out.


You're not invincible in your truck, buddy.
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Taco Bell breakfast is endorsed by who?!
Taco Bell debuted their breakfast items this morning, and guess who is endorsing them?

Ronald McDonald, that's who.

No, not THAT Ronald McDonald. Taco Bell searched the country for many "Ronald McDonalds" and had them try their new breakfast menu items. Check out the ad below.


Pretty ballsy campaign I'd say.
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But First... We're Having an Earthquake!
You've seen the video from the Anchor in LA freaking out over the earthquake live on the air, but have you seen it put to the beat of The Chainsmokers #selfie?

Treat yo self.

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Miley Cyrus' Bus goes up in flames!
Here are a few of the videos her younger sister Noah posted to Instagram last night


Everyone was okay, but as Miley's sister also tweeted last night, BUS DOWN!

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KHQ Pub Crawl Fun!
Happy St Patrick's Day!

Check out some of the fun from the KHQ Pub Crawl on Saturday in TC.

Jeff, Scotty, and myself in the St Paddy's parade through downtown.

First stop of the day at Dillinger's Pub

Second stop was at 7 Monks!

Where we had a few $106 winners with KHQ Plinko!

Final stop of the day was at Union Street Station.

All in all a fun day, thanks to everyone that came out and joined in on the fun! And congrats to the lucky few who won the exclusive KHQ pub crawl T-Shirts!
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This Game Sucks
Don't play it.

Seriously. You'll lose track of time. I've been playing all morning.

Don't click this link. -->

Here's the result of my frustrations. 

I warned you. Don't blame me.
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