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Posts from April 2014

Corgi that only responds to a Beatles-like accent
It seems like everyone has "pet-speak" for their dogs, but have you ever had a dog ONLY respond to a certain way you talk?

This guy has a Corgi that only responds to him when he talks like one of the Beatles.

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Man Finds Out He's Going To Be A Grandpa
His reaction to finding out is amazing.

Raw emotion is a beautiful thing.

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Red Wings Player gives his stick away to a kid
And the reaction is priceless.

Jordin Tootoo, who now plays for the Red Wings affiliate Grand Rapids Griffins, surprised a young fan at a game earlier this season. This makes me smile.
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Brian Williams Raps... again!

This is probably one of the best things that Jimmy Fallon does on the Tonight Show... and this may just be the best one yet.

I give you Brian Williams rapping "Gin and Juice" from Snoop Dogg


Laaaaaaaaaid back.

Here's the interview that followed


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Pharrell's Happy... without the music.
This seems like a new trend, editing music videos to remove the song and just have sound effects and random singing.



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Train Selfie!
This kid is a moron, and he's lucky too.

Who doesn't want to stand mere INCHES from a fast moving train? This kid thought he'd be able to take a selfie video in front of a train, but got a little close for comfort.

You can hear the train's conductor yelling at him seconds before he actually kicks him out of the way as the train passes! IN THE FACE.

Watch the video

He's lucky he wasn't seriously injured or even killed.
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US Airways has a Twitter slip-up

US Airways accidentally tweeted a pornographic photo in response to a user complaining about them about a bad experience.


A little back story for ya. A random twitter user sent the lewd photo to the US Airways official twitter account, and wanting to report the image, they copied the link to send to twitter to get it removed. Then, when attempting to reply to the complaint, they "accidentally" sent out the same pornographic link to the complaining customer.

I'm not going to post the photo, or link you to the photo. But trust me, it's bad. Read more about the incident here.

This isn't the first time a company has screwed up via twitter. Lots of blunders have occured, and you can read more about a few of those here.


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Blood Moon 2014
Sounds ominous, doesn't it? BLOOD MOON, hahahahah!

A total Lunar Eclipse is a cool event, much like a total Solar Eclipse, but much less rare.

Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature had other plans for us last night, and gave us a rather wicked cloud cover here in Northern Michigan (along with more of that white stuff) and we were unable to view it.

Luckily, others across the country were able to see it, so we have pictures!

(images courtesy of

And here is a personal shot of mine, though blurry and grainy, from the Lunar Eclipse back in December of 2010.
December 21st Lunar Eclipse  

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The Late Show with...
CBS has announced David Letterman's successor... and that person is Stephen Colbert

Colbert will start his 5 year contract to do The Late Show after David Letterman steps down before or when Dave's contract expires in August of 2015, as he says he may step down early.

Colbert also confirms that he won't do the show "in character" either.

He stated that even just being a guest on David Letterman's show was one of the highlights of his career. Adding that he's thrilled and grateful that CBS chose him, and gave him the opportunity to follow in Dave's footsteps.

Letterman said that Stephen has always been a real friend to him and he's very excited for him, and he's flattered that CBS chose Stephen. Adding his own wit, Dave said that he also happened to know they wanted another guy with glasses.

Looks like the new "Late-Night War" is Colbert vs Fallon. Does that make this photo a little more awkward for Jimmy?

I for one, can't wait.

More to come.
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Dad Videobombs Daughter's Singing
Frozen is a big thing right now.

Like, real big.

Check out the video below of a young girl singing "Let it Go" from the movie, and watch as her father enters the background mocking her.

If only there was film of her reaction.
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Guy wants to shred guitar, cat wants to fight him.
All this guy wants to do is play guitar, but the cat has other ideas.

Yeah, maybe the cat justwanted attention, and he did try to push it away, but I think the answer we're all looking for is cats are jerks. Thats all.
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I gave into the mass hysteria.
Candy Crush

My friends talk about Candy Crush as if it were a drug. They need more of it, but can never get fully satisfied. 

Over the weekend, I finally started to play it (yes, finally). And to be honest, I don't see why it has so much hype! It's really doesn't seem that addicting to me, and I don't itch for more while my lives replenish. I guess I just don't get it. I mean, it's okay, but not oh my goodness why aren't my lives replenishing fast enough addicting.

I don't think I'll be experiencing exploding candy dreams (or nightmares, in that case) anytime soon.
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Samuel Adams April Fools Beer
I'm not normally a fan of April Fools Day shenanigans, but this one was pretty funny.

The Boston Beer Company, maker of Samuel Adams, claimed that they created a beer infused with Helium. Called HeliYUM, It was claimed to be a lighter beer that helped bring out flavors that are not normally present in regular beers. The side-effects though...

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