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Posts from May 2014

The old switcheroo...
This kid is a Legend.

He catches a game ball throw to him, and gives a DECOY ball to a girl. Such a smooth operator.

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Dr Dre is about to become the richest man in hip-hop
How does $3.2 BILLION DOLLARS sound?!

Media and computer giant Apple is expected to purchase Beats Electronics for an estimated $3.2 Billion dollars. Which will be shared with Interscope record's Jimmy Iovine who founded Dre Beats with the good doctor back in 2008. Iovine will be leaving the record business to join Apple in an undefined creative role.

(Reuters/Adam Hunger)

Not only will they dip into the audio and headphone business, but it will also let Apple also aquire Beats' innovative streaming service. Which creates playlists for users based factors such as mood and location. Apple has taken a bit of a hit lately spawned by the booming market for subscription music streaming services such as Spotify and Rhapsody.
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Adam Levine... Blonde?!
Adam posted this mirror selfie the other day, and we found out for sure on last night's episode of The Voice that it wasn't a hoax.

Blake Shelton joked that he looked like Meg Ryan.

The Voice introduced their newest coaches last night, Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani, who performed on stage together, check it out.

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