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Aaron Santini

Ed Sheeran Game of Thrones cameo

by Aaron posted Jul 17 2017 5:59AM

Last night was the highly anticipated start of the final season of "Game of Thrones." Fan's reactions to the episode on social media seem to be generally positive. I have never seen an episode of the show, but judging from what I'm seeing in my news feed this morning, most fans are giving the season premiere a solid B+. However one thing it seems like social media is disappointed with is Ed Sheeran's cameo. Basically he sang a song, followed by a quick dialogue. It seems that fans were expecting more from Sheeran, although I'm not sure why? He's a singer, so he sang a song. Makes sense to me, but maybe there was some expectation of him being killed off, or having a more dramatic role? Not being a viewer of the show, I can't honestly make a judegment there. I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead, so I suppose if it was announced that one of biggest music stars in the world was going to make a cameo on that show, I would probably assume it would be for a gory death as well. Here is Ed's scene from the show last night. Obviously if you haven't watched it yet, then close out this window. Otherwise, don't blame me for "spoiling it" for you.


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07/17/2017 6:12AM
Ed Sheeran Game of Thrones cameo
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