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Biker Bulldog

Coolest. Dog. Ever.

Check this out. An English Bulldog rides on her owners Motorcycle. But in this particular video, Sweets the Bulldog does the customary "Biker Wave" all on her own... can you say cute?!

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Coolest Sound Ever!

We've all had fun skipping rocks on our beautiful Northern Michigan lakes, but ever try skipping one on a freshly frozen lake?

This guy did and with surprising results.

I suggest wearing headphones to really hear the sound. Skip forward to 3:40 into the video for that part.

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Life in the "Radio Quiet Zone"

Imagine life nowadays with no cell phones, no wi-fi.

Could you? I know I would probably lose my mind! My cellphone, like it is to a lot of people, is my lifeline.

However for people in parts of Virginia and West Virginia, within the aptly-named "Radio Quiet Zone", this is a reality. The zone was created to be able to facilitate many things, including the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and the massive Green Bank Telescope. Like an optical telescope works better with less light pollution, a radio telescope works better with less radio pollution.

The small town of Green Bank, West Virginia falls within this zone, and here is a small glimpse of life in a radio-quiet town.

Read more about the National Radio Quiet Zone on it's wikipedia page.
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Dear Kitten...

In this follow up video, the older cat is teaching the kitten about the new Dog.

Check out the hilarious video from the folks at Buzzfeed.

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SNL Tribute to Jan Hooks

A touching tribute on Saturday Night Live showing a retro clip of Jan and fellow SNL star lost too young, Phil Hartman.

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60 Second Scary Film

Daddy... can you tuck me in?

Don't think a scary film can only be 60 seconds long? Think again. This Award Winning minute-long short film really makes you think... what would I do if I was in that situation?

Watch it below.

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The Price is Right FAIL

I don't think Corey knew exactly what he was doing here. After the three other contestants bid on the item, Corey put in his bid... but it was a bit much. Either this was confusion on his part on how bidding works, or a masterful troll. Whatever it was, watch his hilarious fail below.

Warning: some strong language at the end of the video

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This Baby LOVES Water!

It seems like a simple thing. Cold water.

But when *most* babies are used to the same warm drink every day of their lives, wether it be formula or breast milk, a nice refreshing cold glass of water would certainly bring a smile to anyone's face.

Check out the cute video.

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Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds the Movie.

Let that one sink in.

Is it just me or is this coming just a few years too late? Plus it will be released in Summer of 2016!

The birds will appear different from the famous games of the same name, as they seem to now be more anthropomorphic, with legs and arm like wings.

Regardless, it has an absolutely stellar cast. Jason Sudeikis (of SNL fame), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Josh Gad (Frozen), Danny McBride, Bill Hader, and Mya Rudolph have all been named so far.

I'll hold any further judgment until at least a trailer is revealed.
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Tetris... the movie?

Now I thought Battleship as a movie was a bit of a stretch... but TETRIS!?

How the... just HOW?

The director is quoted as saying:
"We're not giving feet to the geometric shapes . . . What you [will] see in Tetris is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance"

I honestly don't know what to expect. Will the tetrominos be fired from alien ships as some sort of projectile? Are they some sort of building block for the creation of life?

I guess we will have to wait and find out.

Read more about the movie here:

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Russian Parody of Kiesza's "Hideaway"

Not sure what I just watched...

Really. Check out this video parody of Kiesza's "Hideaway" music video. Then compare it to the original.

the original:

Edit: just for giggles, I attempted to sync them up here -
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