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Jimmy Hotkeys

Native to the great white north, I’ve been playing to my own beat since day one.

Radio is a new adventure to me, and I am definitely having fun! I studied music at Alma College, and in the summer of ‘14 found myself as the intern for this great station KHQ.

Thus began what has been the best job of my life! Working in radio allows me to stay creative and youthful, not that any of that is hard at 22.

Off the job, I spend my time skateboarding and writing music. DJing is one of my biggest passions, and some day I hope to tour the world performing my music!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 26 2017 6:33PM
The one thing that we understand to be the biggest....keeps getting bigger! But how are we certain of this? All thanks to science of course!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 25 2017 10:52PM
Remember that bit from The Simpsons? This back yard scientist sure does.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 24 2017 9:32PM
Charlie Puth has just started what I hope to be a hot string of hits that he will release through this year. Starting off strong with a funky fresh tune with an even fresher Snapchat filter to match, we have Attention! This tune just made waves on KHQ's Que It Or Screw It, and I just know you will be hearing this one on the daily before too long.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 21 2017 9:25PM
I seriously have no idea. There is no set out formula to make the best possible viral video. There is no guide. And the number one trending video on youtube should be evidence of that. This is just a video of a man who's vacuum makes funny noises. That is it. And yet it is number one. The world is a funny place.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 20 2017 6:32PM
One of my new favorite YouTube series has to be Hot Ones. What is better than an interview show where the host eats increasingly hotter wings with the guests? I can get behind this for sure. Watch DJ Snake reveal some secrets of his work and break down under the heat of the wings!
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 19 2017 10:02PM
The internet and free time have lead people to come up with some pretty crazy things. Just look at this for example! A guy decides to see how paper works as a replacement for his circular cutty saw thing (that is the proper name, trust me) and it seems to work just fine! Neat!
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 18 2017 6:45PM
The Nintendo Switch just keeps getting better. The game library, or lack of one for that matter, may have been one of the biggest complaining points of the Switch at launch. Nintendo seems to be making a very conscious effort to remedy that and they are bringing classics back to life in the process! Enter: super mega ultra mondo deluxe the best turbo Street Fighter Two ever of all time! Ok, that isn't the actual name but with the number of times that Street Fighter Two has been re-released it may as well be! Say what you will about endlessly rebooting classics, this version looks very fun!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 13 2017 10:00PM
Blink 182 will be releasing new music on a fresh release of their latest album! Coming in May!
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Location : California
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 12 2017 10:29PM
Breaking up seems to go one of two ways: everything ends on the romantic side but the two of you had a relationship founded on friendship and that is what sticks around, or total disaster resulting in the two of you never speaking again. Is there a sure fire method to achieve the first option every time though? Let's watch and see!

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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 11 2017 10:34PM
Almost everything is rechargeable these days. I think that the work Tesla is doing with Panasonic to make better, stronger rechargeable batteries is incredible! Check out the video!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 10 2017 9:14PM
You don't even have to BE smart! You can just sound smart!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 6 2017 11:03PM
What is the best throwback tune? Can you throw it too far back? Who knows!?
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 5 2017 11:29AM
Gluten is a bit of a buzz word these days. It seems that people without any kind of gluten intolerance have begun to cut the stuff out of their intake. That is a discussion for another day, and if you are a Celiac or have gluten intolerance, then dang...sorry to hear that. But this video is about what the heck Gluten even does! Sure it is a protein from wheat flour....but protein can come from other sources. Why is it needed in flour dough? Watch this cool video and find the answer!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 4 2017 8:16PM
Nature is amazing. I love seeing just how astounding animals other than humans can be. Watch this raven mimic the speech of its trainer! It's almost haunting!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Apr 3 2017 9:44PM
Check out this cat that is trained to play dead! Hope you avoided a case of the Mondays today; laugh it off with cats!
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Topics : Human Interest
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