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Jimmy Hotkeys

Native to the great white north, I’ve been playing to my own beat since day one.

Radio is a new adventure to me, and I am definitely having fun! I studied music at Alma College, and in the summer of ‘14 found myself as the intern for this great station KHQ.

Thus began what has been the best job of my life! Working in radio allows me to stay creative and youthful, not that any of that is hard at 22.

Off the job, I spend my time skateboarding and writing music. DJing is one of my biggest passions, and some day I hope to tour the world performing my music!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 18 2017 11:00PM
Yes. It's happening. Mobile Suit Gundam in REAL LIFE! For several years two teams have been hard at work developing these bots to go head to head! Check out the exciting battle right here! You can cry staged all day long, but keep in mind. I watch WWE so I likely don't care.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 17 2017 6:26PM
I had never thought about something like this: you can create a rumble strip on a segment of road that will vibrate at a certain pitch. That means with a big of calculation you can figure out just how to compose a song played by tires across a segment of road! Several years ago a car company tried just that...but it didn't go so well. Check out the details here!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 16 2017 10:27PM
This is some pretty convincing ghost footage that has surfaced on the web. Coming from a haunted school in Ireland, this footage is convincing enough...but we have to wonder wether or not it's just a prank. What do you think?
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 13 2017 7:24PM
I got to see this duo live on Wednesday night! The M Machine has been a part of my electronic music experience for as long as I can remember. Their lead single, Promise Me A Rose Garden was a powerful force in my music taste formation. I was blown away by the intricate song writing on both Metropolis EPs; they are worth your time. This remix of Tiny Anthem was the stand out track from the set I saw on Wednesday. Sure, this is a remix OF The M Machine, not BY them, but they way they played in in their own set was too perfect. Jam to this 303 rif!
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 12 2017 4:31PM
It was another fun time spent at Boyne Mountain! Skitoberfest brings in the ski months with a party to remember at the slope side! The party goers had the chance to pedal a bike across a narrow track suspended over a pond! Watch as the humor unfolds! 
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 10 2017 10:35PM
Some of the most iconic music of the 90s came from this titan of production, Fatboy Slim. You know that song Rockafeller Skank and if that name doesn't ring a bell go listen to the song and tell me you've never heard it. You would be lying. This is one of his earlier tunes, that is just as good. Get yourself educated on the TB303 with Fatboy today!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 9 2017 8:18PM
Well, Fish posted about the new X-Files already so what am I supposed to talk about? Here is a neat looking ad from Columbia outerwear with the Efron brothers, and it does get me pretty excited for winter. Yeah, I want to ski right about now.
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 5 2017 10:25PM
Cuphead is a great, challenging game! Don't ever be afraid of a challenge.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 4 2017 10:31PM

Cuphead is a game that has been in development for about 7 years, soley because the whole game is hand drawn. This is a rather exciting looking game, especially as someone that grew up playing jump and shoot platforming games! I love the aesthetic, the music, and the fun characters of this world in Cuphead. It really does look like Mickey Mouse fused with Mega Man. I'll let you know how much fun it is in a podcast later this week!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 3 2017 5:47PM
Music is my passion, I am sure you've put that much together by now. If I had to pick one genre that I keep coming back to for listening enjoyment, this week it is indie pop! I really enjoy the production that is put into indie pop. It's much more robust and intricate, and often times the lyrics are about fun times with good people! This tune Dancing On Glass just has a bubbly and fun vibe that I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Oct 2 2017 6:00PM
You don't believe me? C'mon you act like no one has made music with calculators before! Well...come to think of it I can't recall a time before this where I have seen calculator music. Ok maybe you've got a point. Either way, check it out!
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