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Jimmy Hotkeys

Native to the great white north, I’ve been playing to my own beat since day one.

Radio is a new adventure to me, and I am definitely having fun! I studied music at Alma College, and in the summer of ‘14 found myself as the intern for this great station KHQ.

Thus began what has been the best job of my life! Working in radio allows me to stay creative and youthful, not that any of that is hard at 22.

Off the job, I spend my time skateboarding and writing music. DJing is one of my biggest passions, and some day I hope to tour the world performing my music!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 23 2017 6:22PM
The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Town were both smash hits in the young adult literature category. Let's see just how well John does in round three!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 22 2017 9:35PM
Colin Furze is a genius! This man is a modern day Edison with all of his creative inventions. Check out this cool (literally) beach hut that he constructed! It's....cozy.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 20 2017 9:16PM
Observing nature is one of the most serene things I can thing about. Unless of course that nature is a wolf hunting down a goat. Then it is just exciting and adventurous!
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 19 2017 8:30PM
Some of your favorite rap hits got the choral treatment thanks to YouTube man Reggie COUZ. This is such a fun and creative video, especially when you consider that he made this all with multi track recording!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 15 2017 10:24PM
I love music! I love LIVE music, and I love groovy music. This combines all three!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 9 2017 7:17PM
I love mash-ups and I think they are even better when they are performed with live instruments! These musicians put together an excellent mash of Daft Punk's Something About Us and Childish Gambino's Redbone. They borrow elements from one anotherand create an exciting new track! Enjoy this musical mixture right here!

by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 8 2017 3:51PM
This is basically one of my wildest dreams, and now it is coming true! Universal Studios Japan is opening up a Mario themed adition to their parks and it looks even more fun than the games! If I had the budget to travel I would be there on opening day for sure!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 7 2017 6:40PM
If you have ever wanted to do those cool moves that you see in video games...well it looks like it will take a lot of work. Stuntman Eric Jacobus puts in the hard work to fight just like Ken Masters from the Street Fighter series! I have got to say, I know I couldn't do any of these moves. But go ahead, try it at home!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 6 2017 6:19PM
I think I shared with you Otis McDonald, but at that time I don't think either of us knew just how such funky music was made. Well wonder no more, gentle listener! Otis McDonald is a BAND! And they SLAP! Oh baby watch these funky cats get down playing this fresh tune Find My Way Home. If you manage to sit still during this song...you may want to have a doctor check to see if you are actually alive.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 5 2017 6:15PM
The benefit concert for the Manchester tragedy took place over the weekend and you can view the entire show on Ariana Grande's YouTube! Here is the link.

by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Jun 2 2017 6:44PM
Anyone that says there is no good new music isn't looking hard enough. This album may be almost 2 years old but holy cow is it still great!
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