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Jimmy Hotkeys

Native to the great white north, I’ve been playing to my own beat since day one.

Radio is a new adventure to me, and I am definitely having fun! I studied music at Alma College, and in the summer of ‘14 found myself as the intern for this great station KHQ.

Thus began what has been the best job of my life! Working in radio allows me to stay creative and youthful, not that any of that is hard at 22.

Off the job, I spend my time skateboarding and writing music. DJing is one of my biggest passions, and some day I hope to tour the world performing my music!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Dec 15 2017 9:25PM
Netflix has a generally good track record when it comes to the original films and shows they produce. I was browsing through the trending videos on YouTube and came across this trailer for a new Netflix original. Starring Jack Black, this Polka film looks too funny to pass up!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Dec 13 2017 9:45PM
I love a well crafted ghost story. One of my favorite pieces of internet history is the saga of Marble Hornets, a telling of a Slender Man like figure haunting two film producers. I live for the feeling of unease that comes with a ghost story. The feeling of not knowing whether to scream or run, it's just an exhillerating experience. I have just been reading through Adam Ellis's account of his hauntung. I haven't even finished the story, but I have had that uneasy feeling already. You have got to read through this!

Click here: Dear David
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Dec 12 2017 10:58PM
The era of sampled beats is in full swing! This entire album is made up of what are called samples. Samples are snippets of music that have already been performed and recorded. What you hear in this album is a collection of old funk instrumentals rearranged and retouched with an editing software. The drum beats are likely all original as well. For the longest time I used to look down on sample based music as I thought it was an easy way out. But the more I listened, there is just no denying that groove. What do you think?
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Dec 8 2017 6:11PM
This YouTube channel has alwas been one of my favorites. They make instruction videos for fun at home projects! Sometimes they are scientific, sometimes just for a fun decorative decoration. Today you can learn how to make a cool "infinity tunnel" prop!
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Dec 6 2017 9:58PM
The 80s are back! Musically, aesthetically, and in film! I love it.
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by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Dec 5 2017 11:11PM
I have no idea how they made this. As a child, I spent hours playing with wooden train sets. They had to be my favorite toy, right along side Legos and K'NEX (thanks to those toys for bolstering my creativity). But this video is on a whole new level!You just have to watch.
by Jimmy Hotkeys posted Dec 4 2017 8:26PM
Nope, this isn't the full trailer. We get that on Thursday. But here is the quick teaser! The length of this teaser makes me think of the first time I watched Jurassic Park one. I was about 3 years old, and my initial memory of the film was about 17 seconds of people running. And they have recreated that memory perfectly with this teaser! Hahaha any way, enjoy the clip.
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