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Posts from August 2013

Friday Morning Trends 8/30

Around Northern Michigan

High School Football Season is on! 7 and 4 had a great story explaining how small town football really brings Northern Michigan together. It's a great read, check it out here.

If you're looking for the football scores from yesterday, 9 and 10 has a pretty easy set up. Check it out here...

School starts for most of Northern Michigan on Tuesday. Do you know when to stop for a bus? Pretty simple stuff but if you need to brush up on the laws check out this link.


What's Up In Entertainment

Wow this has been the week of iconic actors separating from their wives! Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina Ruiz have separated after 17 years of marriage. Dina tells our sources that they've been separated for some time now but remain close.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel welcomed their baby boy yesterday! His name is Axl jack!

Saw this one on the national news last night. Valerie Harper was given just a few months to live earlier this year after being diagnosed with cancer. Her doctor now says that is not the case and that they might be getting pretty close to remission. Great news!

James Spader will play Ultron in the “Avengers” sequel. Spader in a villain role is an excellent choice!



Well, this was inspiring until the eagle crashed into the window..


This is cool! What is Deja Vu?


Awww mom cat teaches kitten how to drink water...

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The Only Time Falling Asleep at the Wheel Is Funny...
Ready? Awwwwww!!

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The 56th Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk!
The walk is Labor Day! (Monday) No fee, but bus transportation from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace is $5 per person. The walk starts at 7am (after the Governor’s party starts walking). No one will be allowed after 11am. Walk begins in St. Ignace. Get more info including details on parking here.
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Thursday Morning Trends 8/29

Around Northern Michigan

Big shout out to everyone who came out to the Josh and Heather Booze Cruise last night, fun times on the Nauticat!

Click here to see more photos!

The Splash Pad at Clinch Park might reopen this weekend! If you don't remember, it was shut down in July after it started spewing raw sewage on some kids playing in it. All is fixed. More here from the TC Ticker...

Deputies are searching for a missing Kalkaska man. Michael Bayne is 45 and was last seen Monday around 10pm by his wife at their home. Family says it is out of character and are puzzled by his disappearance (his vehicle, phone and wallet were all left at home.) Michael is 6'5” with blonde hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing a green flannel shirt with jeans (or sweat pants) and black tennis shoes. If you have any info call 231-258-3350.



What's Up in Entertainment

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are separated. Their rep says they are “taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage.” They have been married for 13 years.

I had no idea the movie “Carrie” was being remade. It hits theaters on October 18th, check out the trailer!

'N SYNC denied any rumors of a total “come back tour” but JC Chasez might be trying for a come back. Rumor has it that his phone has been ringing off the hook for him to get back into the studio.

Speaking of 'N SYNC, Justin Timberlake interrupted the schedule for his current press tour to meet a 13 year old brain cancer survivor. He was on his way into a New York City office building and really didn't have time to stop and talk to fans until he heard a woman say her child survived brain cancer and was a “Make A Wish” child. He stopped to talk to her and snapped a photo. The girl, Giana DiLascio, said “Security was saying no pictures. (But Justin) looked at them and then my phone and said 'I'm going to take a photo.'” Cool story! Check out the photo here.



And here's how to mow the lawn with out doing any work...

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Wednesday Morning Trends 8/28

Around Northern Michigan

If you're in the giving mood, the Salvation Army food banks in Northern Michigan could really use your help. Some of their food pantry shelves are almost bare. Right now they're looking for canned meats and cereals. For more info, check out the Salvation Army's website here.

Traverse City's Business News 2013 40Under40 have been announced. This list includes the region's 40 most influential people under age 40. Winners will be honored at a celebration tonight at the Dennos Museum. Check out the list here...


What's Up in Entertainment

How about we skip all the Miley stuff and go straight to Alec Baldwin, he attacked another photographer yesterday in New York. The photographer tried to get a photo of Alec and his wife, Alec got the guy in a hammerlock and pinned him against the hood of a car. Both men called the police but no charges came out of it. We don't have rights to the photo but the NY Daily News does and you can see the pics here!

Remember when Matthew McConaughey lost a crazy amount of weight? It was all for the new movie “Dallas Buyers Club,” it comes out November 1st. He plays a Texas man who contracted HIV in 1986 and ends up smuggling non FDA approved drugs into the country to help other AIDS patients. The trailer popped up online yesterday...

Eminem's new song “Berzerk” is out, it samples some Billy Squier and Beastie Boys. Check it out HERE. (Be warned, this is uncensored).


This is funny! Guy walks up to people and fakes his nose being broke. He's using a noodle to make the crunching sound. Their reaction is priceless!

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Remember high school in the 90s?
I love this article from MSN explaining why people in the 90s had it better in high school. I graduated with the class of 2002 and totally get this! I remember our media center computer were all on dial up, slowest connection ever! There was no texting, it was either by phone OR AIM!

CLICK HERE for the photo story!

Just remember, your CD binder will always be WAY more impressive to show your friends than your library of MP3s!!
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Tuesday Morning Trends 8/27

Our Big Buzz Story

The world is now in love with this Marine and his wife. This photo went viral after Jesse Cottle, a double amputee, took off his legs and hopped on Kelly, his wife's, back for a photo. Once it hit Facebook America fell in love with the couple. They met while Jesse was recovering from being injured in 2009. He stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost both legs. Click the photo for the full story...


Around Northern Michigan

Remember the story of the 12 year old girl that was attacked by a bear near Cadillac? Not too long after that the DNR put a bear down after getting complaints. Up until now, they thought it may be the same bear that attacked the 12 year old. It was not. DNA results came back and found that they are two different bears. More from 7/4 News here...

A father and his 3 children were found just before 7:50 last night near Sleeping Bear. A warrant was issued for the father's arrest on a domestic violence incident over the weekend, the group was reported missing after the mother called to have police check on them. All is well, the father is in the Leelanau County jail. More from Mlive here...

“The NeverEnding Story” is showing today at the State Theatre for their 25 cent Family Matinee! Yeah it gave most of us nightmares as a kid, lets spread the tradition! Showtime is 10am.


What's Up in Entertainment

MTV is getting complaints from the Parent Television Council. They took issue with the network for branding the VMAs with a TV-14 rating, which suggests the content is appropriate for viewers as young as 14. Most of their complaints came with Miley Cyrus' performance and the condom ads. Really? It's MTV after 9pm, really think it would be kid friendly?

This has not yet been officially announced, but there are reports that Bryan Cranston from “Breaking Bad” will play villain Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie. He has come a long way since starring as the goofy father in “Malcolm in the Middle.”

Forbes.com released its list of “The Highest Paid Celebrities” and Madonna was #1! This past year she brought home $125 million! Could you imagine? You could work a year be set for life, while getting your family set up. Steven Spielberg comes in second with $100 million and Simon Cowell, Howard Stern and E.L.James (“50 Shades of Grey”) tied 3rd with $95 million.

Viral Video

This is great, Rockies first base coach lectures a boy and it's caught on video. Advice we could all use!

Honestly, who doesn't love laughing babies?

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Monday Morning Trends 8/26

Hey I'm back from vacation! Here's what is trending today...

Around Northern Michigan

Remember that $30,000 boat we've been signing people up to win all summer? We gave it away on Saturday! Check out Chuck Bennett and fam with their new boat!


Hard to believe we are just a few weeks away from fall and the fall color tours! It's been a great year for tourism in our area, as annoying as the traffic can be, that's great news. 9 and 10 had a great story about how well our area did this year. Check it out...

Speaking of summer coming to an end, high school football season kicks up this weekend! Petoskey takes on Sault Ste Marie 7p at home, Central takes on Marquette at 7p on Friday and West is going to Midland on Thursday.

If you need some fresh veggies be sure to check out the Outdoor Farmers Market from 3 until 7 at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, there will be live music as well.

What's Up in Entertainment

The MTV VMAs were responsible for a social network blow up last night. 2 of the big stories; NSYNC came together again and Miley may have killed her career.

Let's start with the awesome! Who doesn't love NSYNC? Did you see them perform last night? See the quick performance here!!

Now, here's Miley Cyrus killing her career...

The big news last week was Ben Affleck becoming the new Batman and now our sources are telling us he has signed up to take on Batman in multiple movies. Did you know that people didn't like the idea of Heath Ledger playing the Joker in “The Dark Knight?” Hopefully Ben will get the same surprising response.


Anyone need some “end of summer” dating tips? How about some from 1938? Like, “careless women never appeal to gentlemen. Don't talk while dancing, for when a man dances he wants to dance.” Holy sexism batman. Read all of them here...



Okay, maybe it's not new but “America's Funniest Home Videos” had this on again last night, it's so awesome!


This is great, and cute, kids talking about their first day of kindergarten...

This is painful!

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Friday Morning Trends 8/16

Around Northern Michigan

7&4 News is reporting that Traverse City Police have a possible lead in the hit and run that killed Kelly Boyce Hurlbert. More info here...


What's Up in Entertainment

Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Topher Grace's older sister on “That 70s Show,” died in her sleep Wednesday night at a rehab clinic. The cause of death was cardiac arrest, Lisa was checked into rehab on Monday, she was 43.

Miguel was arrested yesterday morning for DUI in LA. He was pulled over in his BMW and blew a .11, over the limit of .08.

The 4th Season premiere of “Duck Dynasty” grabbed 11.8 million viewers on Wednesday, which makes it the #1 nonfiction series on TV cable history.

Speaking of, that family has an estimated fortune of $83 million! Even with all that money, Jase Robertson says he was booted from a fancy New York hotel due to his beard. On “Live with Kelly and Michael” he said, “I asked where the bathroom was and he said 'Right this way, sir.' He was very nice. We walked outside, he pointed down the road and said, 'good luck.'”


So Stupid It's Funny

A zoo in China recently got a complaint about its African lion, because it was a dog. They were also trying to pass off another dog as a wolf, a white fox as a leopard and 2 large rodents as snakes.



Who knew, Apes can swim!

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Thursday Morning Trends 8/15
Around Northern Michigan
Did you know there was some local talent on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent?” Joel Deer is a dance and figure skater and he made it on the show with his group called Aerial ice! The group was on Tuesday night and, unfortunately, they were eliminated last night during the results show. More from 7&4 News here…
Cherry Bowl Drive-In needs your help! It’s one of a hundred drive-in theaters in Honda’s “Save the Drive in” project. Winner is determined by popular vote and will get a brand new digital projection system for the theater. Without a digital projection system this could be the final season for the Cherry Bowl Theater. VOTE NOW HERE
What’s Up in Entertainment
Emblem3 poked fun at that nude Bieber pic with their own...

David Arquette was reportedly fired from a movie called “Something About Her” because sources say he’s drinking again. The official reason given was “creative differences” but a source said he showed up one day not fit to work and the director had no choice but to fire him.
Jimmy Fallon was on the “Today” show yesterday and spoke about taking over the “Tonight” show. He says there’s no drama between he and Jay and he hopes to make him proud, see video here...

An anti-gay preacher, Doug Sehorn, recently wrote and ebook and when he released it everyone noticed he used a promotional shot from “Modern Family” on the cover! He later said he found the photo on Google and was not familiar with the show, he then referred to it as being “wicked.”


That fun moment when a reporter falls over while doing a live broadcast. FYI, he is okay, he was actually back on live a few minutes later…

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Wednesday Morning Trends 8/14

The Big Buzz

Put a cat in a shark costume and set him on a Roomba, recipe for a viral video.


Around Northern Michigan

Anyone else break out their jacket, apple cider and pumpkin pie yesterday? It felt like fall! No worries, Northern Michigan will warm back up to summer temperatures next week! Check out the forecast for the rest of the week, heading into next...

Eating clean? Best place to get some fresh food is at any local farmer's market! The Traverse City Farmer's Market at Grandview and Cass is going on today, it starts at 8am.

What's Up in Entertainment

This is cool, the Huffington Post put together a list of celebs and what they did before they became famous. For example, did you know Sean Connery was a milkman? Kanye West worked at the Gap, Jennifer Aniston was a telemarketer and a bike messenger, Brat Pitt was a Limo Driver, Tom Cruise was a bellhop, Sylvester Stallone was a lion cage cleaner (of course it would be something badass), Whoopie Goldberg was a mortuary beautician and phone sex operator (??), and Tim Allen was a cocaine dealer. In other words, they are humans!

Rumor has it that Warner Brothers is putting some pressure on Christian Bale to play Batman again for “Batman vs Superman.” $50 million worth of pressure!

“Under the Dome” grabbed the #1 spot in TV ratings last week! If you haven't watched it, try to start from the beginning, it's great!

How about Justin Bieber doing something good! This past weekend he granted his 200th wish through Make A Wish foundation. That's more wishes than any other recording artist. I love this story because the Biebs really goes under the radar with this.

While we're on the topic of Justin Bieber, here's another good deed. Looks like the paparazzi got a great photo of Bieber handing money to a homeless woman. (He's now forgiven for the Eminem rap in Detroit.)


Viral Video

Steve Harvey on Family Feud is probably the best host! All because of his reactions!! Watch this..

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How old are your ears?
This video is cool! It features a test at the beginning that helps you to determine how messed up your hearing is. I was worried at first since I live my life with earbuds stuck in my head! How well did you do with the test? BTW, use some headphones!

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Tuesday Morning Trends 8/13

The Big Buzz

Are you smarter than an 8th grader from 1912? This REAL test has been floating around online. A full story on where it came from can be found here. It sound like this was some sort of standardized test.

Around Northern Michigan

We don't typically hear a lot of news like this around Northern Michigan but it does occasionally pop up. Traverse City Police believe a batch of “high quality” heroin has hit the streets and it's causing some serious overdose problems. Read more about what's going on from 7&4 News here...

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from addiction please get help. Here is a good place to start.

Open Mic by the Bay is happening this evening from 6p until 8p at Clinch Park in Traverse City. Just bring your acoustic guitar or other instruments and get ready to play and sing! Or show up to watch!


What's Up in Entertainment

When is the last time your grandma saw you naked? For Justin Bieber's grandma it wasn't long ago. Photos surfaced yesterday of the Biebs singing to his Grandma in the nude with a guitar covering up his Bieb parts. Heather and I agreed to not post pictures here but if you're into that type of thing a quick Google search is all you need. He is over 18, but it just feels oh so wrong.

Paula Deen had a slight win yesterday. A judge dismissed the racial discrimination claims that were part of a lawsuit by a former employee. If you remember, not too long ago, Paula came under fire for things she said 20 to 30 years ago.

All of the news shows are going to be starting in the next few weeks and NBC released a preview of the new “Michael J Fox Show,” show starts August 26th.



Did you see this awesome video that Fish posted yesterday? Ashton Kutcher doles out life lessons at the Teen Choice Awards and reveals his real name. Great video!


In honor of “Breaking Bad's” final season...


These videos are great! 90's videos about the internet!

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Monday Morning Trends 8/12

The Big Buzz (We have two today!)


Here's how your tell mom you're having a baby!!


Amazing people, doing amazing things! Props to you sir for being a great person!


Around Northern Michigan

A new anchor starts today on 7&4 News. Kristen Lowe is from the Detroit area and will be sitting along side Marc Schollett during the 5, 6 and 11pm news. Read more about her from the Traverse City Ticker...

There will be a Blood Drive at 11am today hosted by Munson and Michigan Blood. This will be in conference rooms 11 and 12.

The Great Wakes Festival is coming up this Saturday from 5 until 11 at the Open Space in Traverse City. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. We will have tickets every morning! TC Waterman Stand Up Paddle Board Nationals and live music! Info...


What's Up in Entertainment

Matt Damon's “Elysium” took the #1 spot at the Box Office this weekend just barely beating out “We're The Millers,” “Planes,” and “Percy Jackson; Sea of Monsters.”

Throw in yet another name of actors who could be playing Batman in the new “Batman vs Superman” movie, Orlando Bloom. This comes from a British tabloid who has a source at Warner Brothers.

What would life be like if Gary Sinise didn't play Lieutenant Dan in “Forest Gump?” Director Robert Zemeckis really wanted Kevin Bacon according to the casting director! Bacon passed.

Chris Brown had a seizure Friday morning but refused treatment when EMTs got there. Chris' reps attributed it to intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress he's been suffering from.



Did you see this? “Greatest Vines of 2013!” Warning, when you start you can't stop...

And now a frightening word from our sponsors. This KFC commercial is more of a horror movie...

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"Blurred Lines" on music room instruments...
I know, this is our second time this weekend posting something from Jimmy Fallon, but it's pretty cool. Fallon gets together with Robin Thicke and The Roots to perform "Blurred Lines" on instruments you would find in your 5th grade music room...

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Did you see Brian Williams "Bust a Move?"
We strive every Friday to bring the best out of our news man, Vic McCarty, but I think Jimmy Fallon has us beat with another amazing video of "Rapping Brian Williams." Can I add? BWilliams is one of my favorites! Enjoy!

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The Pink Drink!

Alright, lets talk booze! (If you're under 21 go HERE).

For those 21 and up, keep reading!

Friday morning I mentioned a drink on the air and people keep asking how to make it, and NO you can't taste the beer or vodka in this!

1. Get a pitcher and dump one can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate into it. (The kind you find in the freezer section)
2. Fill the lemonade can to the top with vodka and dump it in pitcher.
3. Get two 12 oz cans of beer, the cheaper the better. Dump those into the pitcher.
4. Stir like a madman or madwoman.
5. Drink.
6. DO NOT DRIVE! This hits you hard!

Have a good weekend!

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Friday Morning Trends 8/9/13

Around Northern Michigan

If you're around Camp Grayling, I'm sure you've heard it! The largest military air exercise in the country is happening! This involves 29 units coming together for Northern Strike, a live fire exercise at one of Camp Grayling's gunnery ranges. More from 9 and 10 news here.

Police are looking for another hit and run driver, this one hit a 44 year old Kalkaska man walking on 7th Street in Traverse City on Wednesday night. The victim was walking east on 7th about 10 feet from the south curb of Cedar Street when he was hit from behind, he is currently in critical condition. Police are looking for a 2010 or 2011 white four door GMC. If you have info call 231-995-5152.

What's Up in Entertainment

Who doesn't think Tommy Lee Jones is one of the coolest people on the planet? Hollywood.com found a bunch of photos of celebs in their high school plays. CLICK HERE to see them all, below is Tommy Lee Jones in 1964 in “The Caine Mutiny.”

Sadly actress Karen Black died at the age of 74, after a battle with cancer. She was in “Easy Rider,” “Five Easy Pieces,” “Nashville,” and “House of 1,000 Corpses.”

This is great. In “Back to the Future” most of the cast spent time in makeup to look 30 years older. The movie will be 30 years old in 2015, so how did they do in predicting what the cast would look like? Below is a comparison, make up close to 30 years ago VS real life. They nailed Biff!


“Percy Jackson: Seas of Monsters” is out this weekend...


Also, “We're the Millers” with Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms and Jennifer Aniston...

Matt Damon's “Elysium” is out as well...



Think this guy is drunk?

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Josh and Heather trying to Invite You To a Booze Cruise
Want to go on the Josh and Heather Booze Cruise? It's the 28th on the NautiCat! 

Josh and Heather tell you how to get a spot and almost kill each other

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Josh and Heather trying to Invite You To a Booze Cruise
Want to go on the Josh and Heather Booze Cruise? It's the 28th on the NautiCat! 

Josh and Heather tell you how to get a spot and almost kill each other

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Thursday Morning Trends 8/8

Around Northern Michigan

The boil water advisory remains in the City of Charlevoix. Hospital officials say the water should be boiled for at least one minute. More from Nathan Edwards at 7&4 News here...

The Northwestern Michigan Fair is going through the weekend, rides open at noon! Full schedule here...

The Cheboygan County Fair is on and the KHQ Labatt Blue Speed Boat will be out from 4 until 6 today! Drawing is at the end of the month, so sign up!


What's Up in Entertainment

Props to John Stamos who posted this pic on his Instagram, and note that he did it because they asked – not because he is seeking media attention. John is taking a 19 year old woman, who lost all of her limbs to a bacterial infection, to Disneyland! Here he is with Kaitlyn Dobrow... (Check out her full story here.)


Oh no! Smalls from “The Sandlot” was arrested for headbutting a cop! Tom Gury, who is 31 now, was at an airport in Houston and was not allowed to fly because he was too drunk. A police officer came to check on things and Tom went on the attack. He's been booked for felony assault of a police officer...


Amber Tambyln has joined the cast of “Two and a Half men.” She will be playing the bisexual daughter of Charlie Sheen's character. Tambyln is the replacement for Angus T. Jones we've mentioned here before.

Robin Thicke has his first #1 album! “Blurred Lines” has sold 177,000 copies! Finally!! Someone did a “Fat Albert” mash up with “Blurred Lines!”


Viral Video

What would you do with $425 Million lotto win? I would love to buy this woman's friendship b/c I love her answer!!

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What is the internet? Video from 1994!

Was going to wait until Throwback Thursday to post this but it's too good to hold back. Watch the "Today Show" in 1994 trying to figure out what the internet is. Crazy how much the world has changed!!

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