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Posts from December 2013

Two People Woke Up Rich!!

The 2nd largest lottery jackpot in US history will be split between at least two people. A ticket from California and another from Georgia matched all six numbers- 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and 7 for the Mega Ball.
The Voice has its Season 5 winner.
28 year old Tessanne Chin from Kingston Jamaica took home the Voice title Tuesday night. Chin’s parents are musicians who sang backup for Jimmy Cliff. This is coach Adam Levine’s second champion on the show. Chin performed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” during the finale. Season 6 of the voice will premiere February 24th. Shakira and Usher will rejoin Adam and Blake as judges. Here is her performance last night:
Other Entertainment News
Justin Bieber announced yesterday that he would be retiring after the release of his next album, which comes out December 23rd. "I'm retiring. I'm going to take some time. I think I'm probably going to quit music" The Biebs delivered the announcement with a straight face and hid his poker face under a dark pair of sunglasses. People in Bieber's camp later said he was joking, but Justin has yet to respond.
There's a "Gilligan's Island" movie in the works.  JOSH GAD, who played Steve Wozniak in the movie"Jobs", is going to co-write it AND play one of the parts.  There's no word which one. 
ONE DIRECTION'S new song "Midnight Memories" sounds a little bit like the DEF LEPPARD classic"Pour Some Sugar On Me".  The not-always-reliable British tabloids say Def Leppard is considering a lawsuit.  The band has yet to comment.  Below are the two songs- you decide!
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Odds are you'll get killed by an asteroid

You'll More Likely Get Killed By An Asteroid
The Mega Millions jackpot is up to $586 million and could possibly reach $1 billion by Christmas!! But what are the odds you would win. A report from CNN last week says you have a better chance of being killed by an asteriod! That's because the rules changed in October and its now more difficult to take home the big prize. Your odds tonight- 1 in 259 million....but you're still buying a ticket, aren't you?

Prank Cell Phone Call
A guy who does prank videos on YouTube has a new one, where he sits down next to people at the airport while they're talking loudly on their cell phone.  Meanwhile, he's on HIS cell phone, but he starts responding to everything THEY say.
It takes most of the people 10 or 20 seconds to figure out what's going on.  But then when they ask what he's doing, he acts like they're interrupting HIS call.

Preacher Predictor Dies
Remember HAROLD CAMPING?  He's the preacher from northern California who got a lot of attention a few years back when he predicted the world would end on May 21st, 2011.  And when it didn't, he changed his prediction to October 21st, 2011. His family released a statement yesterday saying that he died on Sunday at age 92.  Or as they put it, quote, "he passed on to glory." 
The Voice Does Def Leppard
The Voice" season five champion will be announced tomorrow night on NBC. Christina Aguilera opened the show with her fellow coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green. The four artists covered Def Leppard's classic hit "Pour Some Sugar On Me" live. They all brought big attitude to the stage and rocked the house.
Proposal at JT Show
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE let a guy come on stage during his concert in Louisville on Sunday night to propose to his girlfriend.  The whole thing was obviously planned ahead of time.
There's a fan-shot video where you can't hear what they're saying, and you can only see the guy from behind.  But obviously, the girl says yes, because she gives him a huge kiss. 
Lip Sync Fiasco
KATY PERRY was performing at some video awards show in France . . . and she was caught lip-syncing.  She was singing"Roar", and the music was off . . . and it was painfully obvious that her lips didn't match the sound. 
It was so bad the host walked onstage and waved his arms for her to stop.  He politely asked her if she would mind restarting.  So she did.  And for the second try, you can tell that she IS singing, but she still doesn't sound that great. 
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Sad Day in South Africa
FormerSouth African President NELSON MANDELA passed away yesterday.  He was 95.  Current South African President Jacob Zuma announced his death in a statement . . . adding, quote, "He passed on peacefully in the company of his family . . . He's now resting.  He's now at peace.  Our nation has lost its greatest son."
NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live” missed the mark for many across the country. Critics say the show was an ambitious yet disappointing stiff of the original musical. Some of those disappointments include strange lighting choices, and a weird sonic hiss that amplified the gaps in dialogue. Here's a clip of the show:

Whoever Barbara Walters names as the Most Fascinating Person of 2013, it won't be the one she really wanted in the top spot. Walters intended to put Edward Snowden at No. 1 on her annual list, but ABC nixed that idea. Network execs did allow Snowden to remain on the list, just further down. ABC had no problem with any of the other people who managed to make it on the list, including Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the Duck Dynasty cast, and the royal baby. The special airs on Dec. 18th, at which time the No. 1 will be revealed.

Sources say KRISTEN STEWART has switched from Team Edward to Team Jacob in real life.  In other words, she's now dating the other member of her "Twilight" love triangle, TAYLOR LAUTNER.  Witnesses supposedly saw Taylor sneaking out of Kristen's house early Wednesday morning. 
The first trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" hit the web yesterday, featuring JAMIE FOXX as Electro and PAUL GIAMATTI as The Rhino.  Here it is:
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been added to this year's Grammy Nominations Concert, set to take place tonight on CBS, though both will literally be phoning in their performances. Perry will take the stage from Canada, while Swift's set will come all the way from Australia where she is currently on tour. Lorde has also been added to the lineup, as have members of Earth, Wind & Fire and T.I., who will take the stage with Robin Thicke. Miguel is set to perform alongside country superstar Keith Urban. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are also among the previously named acts, and more presenters and performers could be announced. The show will be helmed by LL Cool J – who has hosted the nominations special since it began in 2008 – while Arsenio Hall, Enrique Iglesias and Ed Sheeran are all set to appear as presenters. 
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What if there were three of you??
A rare set of identical triplets were born in California late last month, without the help of fertility drugs. The three girls- Abby, Brindabella and Laurel are all named after family members or special places in the lives of their parents. The odds of this happening are 1 in 1 million to 1 in 100 million.
GAL GADOT from the "Fast & Furious" movies will play Wonder Woman in the "Man of Steel" sequel.  She's a former Miss Israel and a model, and some people are complaining that she's too skinny for the part.  One person on Twitter said, quote, "Gal Gadot has the body of a child not a warrior."
The mayor of Gold Coast, Australia has put out a video, asking JUSTIN BIEBER to come back and clean up the graffiti he did while he was there.  Tate calls Justin a "pop princess," and says the only way he can get out of cleaning it up is to perform at some holiday event he's hosting THIS Saturday. 
More Entertainment News
"Us Weekly" claims LIAM HEMSWORTH wants MILEY CYRUS back, and they've been secretly meeting up and talking.  But Miley is having doubts . . . quote, "She's confused about how she feels." 
The L.A. County Coroner released PAUL WALKER'S cause of death yesterday.  He died from injuries suffered in the crash, AND from burning when the Porsche Carerra GT caught on fire.  The driver, Roger Rodas, died on impact. 
Bill Beckwith, whose regular appearances as a carpenter on the HGTV home-improvement show "Curb Appeal" attracted legions of fans, has died in a motorcycle crash in San Francisco. He was 38. Beckwith was killed Monday night when his motorcycle collided with a vehicle in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood
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What to name your baby
We have our first school closings of the morning so check our Weatherthreat page. Up and coming baby names are trending and is the Pope sneaking out of the Vatican at night? We've got the story in "what's trending" this morning.

What’s Trending Today

pope may be sneaking out at night to help homeless
It seems that the Pope is ducking out of the Vatican at night dressed as a priest to minister to Rome's homeless and hand out money. The rumor got buzzing when an archbishop whose job it is to do just that said in an interview, "When I say to him, 'I'm going out into the city this evening,' there's the constant risk that he will come with me." Pressed on whether Francis had actually done so, the archbishop smiled and said, "Next question." But Swiss guards have confirmed that the pope has ventured out at night, dressed as a regular priest, to meet with homeless men and women." Francis is also known for making personal phone calls to ordinary people who write to him.
pop culture dominates most popular baby names
Think you're clever naming your baby after a Duck Dynasty star? Think again: Korie and Silas are some of the trendy up-and-comers on BabyCenter's annual baby names survey, along with other pop-culture-inspired names like George (after the royal baby), Kanye (seriously), and Marnie and Shoshanna (after the Girls characters). Korie's popularity, for example, was up 89% this year, Kanye was up 38%, and George was up 37% - as a girl's name. The names Jesse and Skyler were also up in popularity, presumably thanks to Breaking Bad.
paul walker's daughter did not witness his death
Paul Walker's team set the record straight on claims that his 15-year-old daughter Meadow witnessed his tragic death. "It is unfortunate that claims are being made to the media that Paul's daughter Meadow was at the event on Saturday when the accident occurred," a statement on Facebook read. "We want to clarify that Paul went to the event alone. Meadow was not at the charity event on Saturday and thankfully, did not witness the accident. Any claims stating otherwise are inaccurate." The statement continued: "Sadly, there's also numerous people creating fake social media profiles claiming to be Meadow. We would like everyone to know that Meadow does not currently have any public profiles and is not currently active on social media. We ask that her privacy be respected at this time."
Entertainment News

"The National Enquirer" has collected horror stories from celebrities who were bullied as kids . . . including Sandra BullockTiger WoodsRobert PattinsonTom CruiseLady Gaga and Miley Cyrus
Yahoo has released its year-end search results.  More people searched for MILEY CYRUS than anything else in 2013.  She was followed by KIM KARDASHIAN.  JUSTIN BIEBER finished 10th, and was the most popular guy on the list. 
The producers of "Wheel of Fortune" have apologized for airing an episode on Monday in which the answer to one of the puzzles was "The Fast and the Furious".  Host PAT SAJAK explained that the episode was taped a long time ago, and went out to stations several days before PAUL WALKER'S death.
Lots to see online-  A clip of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE singing in his new movie "Inside Llewyn Davis" . . . a new ARIANA GRANDE Christmas song . . . and a new KELLY CLARKSON video for her Christmas Single- Underneath the Tree- check it out below:

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Most Fascinating People- I'm Not on the List!
A wintry mix of snow and rain today so be careful if you're doing any major traveling.

What’s Trending Today

BARBARA WALTERS has revealed nine of the 10 names on her annual "Most Fascinating People of the Year" list

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden
The stars of "Duck Dynasty"
Miley Cyrus
"Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts
Prince George, the newborn son of Prince William and Kate Middleton
Pope Francis
Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad
The show will also pay tribute to the previous 20 years of Barbara's "Most Fascinating People of the Year" specials, which started in 1993. Barbara is retiring next May . . . so this will be her last one.  It's unclear how she expects us to know who is and who isn't fascinating without her.

A Woman Was Killed After the Alabama-Auburn Game by Another Fan Who Felt She Didn't Take Alabama's Loss Hard Enough

 On Saturday, after the University of Alabama lost to Auburn in football with a miracle finish, a 36-year-old Alabama fan at a party joked that the loss wasn't THAT bad.  But a 28-year-old woman heard her, screamed that she wasn't a REAL fan . . . and ended up SHOOTING and KILLING her. The two had never met before the party. The victim leaves behind 3 children. The suspect has been charged with murder.

Eminem and his Marshall Mathers Foundation have issued a challenge to fans who want to give back to the rapper's home state of Michigan this holiday season. The rapper, who grew up in Warren and Detroit and lives in Rochester Hills, will match all donations up to $100,000 given to Wolverine Human Services, a charity that has the mission of "helping children to be victors." Wolverine Human Services, as of 8:30 a.m. Monday, had received $1,385 in its online fundraising campaign that's expected to be matched by Eminem and The Marshall Mathers Foundation. The deadline to make a donation and have it matched by Eminem is 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.


TMZ posted video of PAUL WALKER'S fatal crash, from a surveillance camera on a nearby building.  The crash occurs behind a set of trees, so it's hard to see the car itself.  But you can see TONS of smoke, then several cars rushing to the scene. 
According to Bing.com, BEYONCÉ is the most searched celebrity of the year, "Thrift Shop" is the most searched song, "Iron Man 3" is the most searched movie, and "Big Bang Theory" is the most searched TV show. 
The "Huffington Post" has put together a list of The 10 Most Annoying Christmas Songs of All Time.  Coming in at #1 is "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer", followed by "Santa Baby".  And yes, "The Christmas Shoes" made the list, but only at #10. 
There's a video on YouTube where some guy performs 20 of the most overplayed songs of the year, back-to-back, in a one-minute guitar medley. 
<iframe width="450" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/L5NRK8u8KOY?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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