KHQ Queens of Summer - June
KHQ Queens of Summer - June
Dancing Cowgirl
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Dancing Cowgirl

Dancing Queen!

Here comes the cowgirl

Tim Nixon aka Mr. Cowboy talking with the cowgirl


Scooting around the floor

Tnix asking about those dance moves

Here she comes!

Tips are welcome

Teasing the fireman is welcome too

Carl Anthony giving shots


Still taking shots

Tim and the competitors

Who will win the Tiger tickets

Put the wig back on!


Victory Dance

Strutting their stuff

Tnix and Gia

Tnix and the drag winner

This will happen again in July

Mrs. \"Ron\" Doubtfire and Kay

Good evening ladies

Going in for a kiss

Our Queens of Summer contestants


And score

Gia and Tnix

Contestant 1 again

Work that runway girl

There's Doubtfire!

Horray for tips!

Tim, don't offend the lady

Still working that stage

Nice legs

Time for some cleaning

Doubtfire working the tips


Cleaning the stage

Broom Guitar

\"Dude looks like a lady\"

Tim and Gia doing something

Betsy showing her gratitude for the show


Workin that stage

Carl showing HIS gratitude for the show

Gia and Tim

Betsy still making her work for the tip

Uh oh

The tallest drag queen ever

Look at that hair

Uh oh


Doubtfire is NOT done with the stage



Still workin it

Winning tickets the Tigers

Ladies and gentlmen our Queens of Summer

Tiger Ticket winner

Gia wrapping it up with the Drag Queens

Everyone take a bow!

Still working that crowd

Good Night

Workin the guys too

The REAL picture of the winner

There he is!

Being tipped by the professional drag queen

Cowboy Nixon


Tim Nixon and his fans


Gia and Monica

Cowboy Tim and Cher


Tim Nixon and Carl Anthony

The crew

Gia and Monica