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Odds are you'll get killed by an asteroid

You'll More Likely Get Killed By An Asteroid
The Mega Millions jackpot is up to $586 million and could possibly reach $1 billion by Christmas!! But what are the odds you would win. A report from CNN last week says you have a better chance of being killed by an asteriod! That's because the rules changed in October and its now more difficult to take home the big prize. Your odds tonight- 1 in 259 million....but you're still buying a ticket, aren't you?

Prank Cell Phone Call
A guy who does prank videos on YouTube has a new one, where he sits down next to people at the airport while they're talking loudly on their cell phone.  Meanwhile, he's on HIS cell phone, but he starts responding to everything THEY say.
It takes most of the people 10 or 20 seconds to figure out what's going on.  But then when they ask what he's doing, he acts like they're interrupting HIS call.

Preacher Predictor Dies
Remember HAROLD CAMPING?  He's the preacher from northern California who got a lot of attention a few years back when he predicted the world would end on May 21st, 2011.  And when it didn't, he changed his prediction to October 21st, 2011. His family released a statement yesterday saying that he died on Sunday at age 92.  Or as they put it, quote, "he passed on to glory." 
The Voice Does Def Leppard
The Voice" season five champion will be announced tomorrow night on NBC. Christina Aguilera opened the show with her fellow coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green. The four artists covered Def Leppard's classic hit "Pour Some Sugar On Me" live. They all brought big attitude to the stage and rocked the house.
Proposal at JT Show
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE let a guy come on stage during his concert in Louisville on Sunday night to propose to his girlfriend.  The whole thing was obviously planned ahead of time.
There's a fan-shot video where you can't hear what they're saying, and you can only see the guy from behind.  But obviously, the girl says yes, because she gives him a huge kiss. 
Lip Sync Fiasco
KATY PERRY was performing at some video awards show in France . . . and she was caught lip-syncing.  She was singing"Roar", and the music was off . . . and it was painfully obvious that her lips didn't match the sound. 
It was so bad the host walked onstage and waved his arms for her to stop.  He politely asked her if she would mind restarting.  So she did.  And for the second try, you can tell that she IS singing, but she still doesn't sound that great. 

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12/17/2013 10:05AM
Odds are you'll get killed by an asteroid
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