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Psychic Tammy Schuster's Advice (AUDIO)

Check out some of the stories that developed when Psychic Tammy Schuster stopped in today, a lot of great advice! Also Heather shares a major milestone in KHQ history!

AUDIO Psychic Tammy Schuster Advice

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06/20/2012 10:28AM
Psychic Tammy Schuster's Advice (AUDIO)
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06/20/2012 4:53PM
I think anyone whom thinks that we just happen to be here(Earth), has a VERY narrow mind, I firmly believe in a higher power (LORD JESUS) and I firmly believe there are people whom can-see,feel,hear,speak to the other side. really you just die and thats it-right. I commend Tammy and any other TRUE Mediums out there for their works and efforts to help those whom believe an give way to chance that these people know what they say they do to be true, God Bless you all. Give'em Hell Tammy-you go girl! thanks for reading,Kell
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