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Saturday Morning Redo: 4th Grade Sex Ed

Earlier this week we told you about Muskegon Schools new sex ed policy for 4th and 5th graders. They opened it up to "sexual intercourse and homosexuality", some people think 4th grade is too late to learn and some think it's too soon. What do you think? Check out the audio in the Saturday Morning Redo Podcast!

AUDIO 4th Grade Sex Ed

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03/24/2012 11:04AM
Saturday Morning Redo: 4th Grade Sex Ed
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03/25/2012 6:08PM
probably right time
I graduated from high school recently and I can tell you that kids are having sex in 6th grade now, sometimes even having 7 sexual partners by the time they are in 9th grade. On the sexuality aspect it is better to tell these kids at a young age that you are allowed to be whatever you want to be, that being bisexual or homosexual is not something to be ashamed of. I wish someone had told me that when I was younger.
03/28/2012 10:31AM
I guess, its the right time.
We had sex ed in 6th grade but there was never any talk of Homosexuality. I think that is a greatly needed addition...I was in middle school in the early 90's and we didn't have access to all the information that kids do now...we were not exposed to so much sexually explicit media. We were allowed to be kids longer. I would prefer it wait until 5th grade (which in most places is the first year kids are in middle school). If parents want to have that discussion sooner than that is their choice. As the mom to two sons I will do my best to educate them on safe sex, and how to treat their girlfriends. We often educate our kids on sex but not on relationships and I think that is an important lesson for kids to learn. And opening kids eyes to the fact that being Gay doesn't make you a bad person is so important...I have already started the conversation about being gay with my 5 year old. We have gay friends...and I want him to know that being gay is perfectly okay. Anti-bullying, sex education, and being accepting of people who are different than you are starts at parents its our responsibility to make sure our kids have all the right facts on these issues, it shouldn't be left up to the schools. The schools should just reinforce those ideas. 5th grade is okay for sex ed...I will have probably already started the talk with my sons by then.
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