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Signs you're from Michigan..

These lists come out every so often but sometimes they really can be said for any state, not this one! Check out the 47 signs you're from Michigan.

Just a couple...

  • You know what a Yooper is.
  • You can easily experience at least two seasons in one day, sometimes within a few hours of each other. This usually means wearing shorts and a sweatshirt or winter coat at the same time.
  • You’ve been to an Oberon release party.
  • You go “up north” every summer, which is anywhere north of Grand Rapids. This usually means driving up I-75 and vacationing in a cabin in the woods or a cottage on the lake.
  • Someone in your family or a friend’s family have worked for or been laid off by the auto industry.
  • School was never called off in the winter unless there was at least two feet of snow but you were still hopeful the night before you might have a snow day.
Read the full list here...

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09/25/2013 11:47AM
Signs you're from Michigan..
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