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Strange Noises being heard on the air

Artimis sent Josh a clip of when he was on the air and a phone book fell off a shelf, this after the lights in the studio have been turning on and off. We're playing the audio back and we catch something Artimis had no clue of...creepy plus the shelf fell off the wall AGAIN!!!!! This also includes the ladies room with bad dating stories!

Strange Noises being heard on the air (CLICK FOR AUDIO)

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10/28/2010 10:00AM
Strange Noises being heard on the air
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10/29/2010 6:23AM
I believe artimis cause i have a ghost in my house that does the same thing but it dont yell at me to get out
10/30/2010 11:48AM
Hey if you guys are interested
We have a small ghost hunting groupe in Petoskey, We would be happy to check it out. We are called The Lower Peninsula Paranormal Society, and like i said we would be more then happy to check out any of yalls goslty haunts. Feel free to get intouch with us at
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