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Today Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster was on answering questions! Check out the audio!

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11/02/2011 9:51AM
Tammy Schuster
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02/23/2012 10:27AM
dreams, and axiety with it. private please
i have anxiety,i dont know how to fix it,i dont know if its my job, my life in general, i know i am not happy, but i talked to a psychic yesterday she implied that i am having asteral dreams and that its my future and its in the works now. i am having vivid dreams things seem real, touch smell, but she called me a goddess she said she has never expiernced that before, idont get what it alll means and she said she sees bono. which is celebrity.i did write ellen d. due to my fiancial state how ever i dont like to take hand outs i requested to go to a place where i could help starving children, i did request whom is in my dream to go with me, he is a celebrity and this is what all my dream is about. starving children and me helping them and making a difference along with him. i dont want his public, please email me thank you terin. she did say more celebrities would help and that i do make a difference in there lives also. i dont know how.
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