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The Mascot

Should the Cheboygan High School mascot be changed? The Michigan Department of Civil Rights thinks so, hear what everyone had to say about it at the link. Plus Vic McCarty joins the show with News Man Name That Tune.

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02/22/2013 10:38AM
The Mascot
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02/23/2013 10:19AM
I think that its just for more controversy and attention and publicity for the tribe. If anything they should feel honored that their mascot is a native showing that they wanted a strong one in all areas. Just need to let it go. People dressing up as natives for Halloween might be a different story but usually kids don't know any better. They are taught pilgrims and Indians in school and they mean no harm. You will never fully stop all b.s.
02/25/2013 5:24AM
really this is nothing but a bunch of bs and im part native american and have live in cheboygan for the past 7 years off and on and i dont take offense to the mascot of the school if anything i think it is pretty cool that the school is representing the native american and showing respect by having the chief as their mascot. i say let them keep it until they start showing direspect then they should change it
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