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Thursday Morning Trends 10/3

The Big Buzz

Is this really bigfoot? A man was driving home from a festival when he saw something huge moving in the woods. He grabbed his camera and snapped this pic. He thinks it's about 7 feet tall and this was taken in Pennsylvania. Go here for the full story...


Around Northern Michigan

Lets start with something that will give you anxiety the next time you open up a package. A family in Ludington opened a package from the mail and a SCORPION crawled out! Mike Comstock found the scorpion, put a cup over it and says he wants to keep it as a pet. Danielle, his wife, says no. Turns out the package of pills they ordered was in Texas for a few days and the company who shipped it is thinking that's where the scorpion came from.

The State Theatre is showing “Bowling for Columbine” today for free at 6pm. It's sponsored by Veterans for Peace. There will be a live Q&A with Michael Moore after the screening.


What's Up in Entertainment

It might be a good weekend to watch a few Tom Clancy inspired movies on Netflix or pick up one of his books to honor the author. He passed away Monday at the age of 66. “The Hunt for Red October, “Patriot Games,” “Clear and Present Danger,” and “The Sum of All Fears” were all Clancy novels turned into blockbusters.

The Michael Jackson wrongful death case has come to a close and AEG live was found not liable for his death.



This went crazy on reddit, a grandfather writes a letter scolding his daughter after she booted her son out of the house for being gay.

So it's another day working the drive thru and a skeleton drives up...

BEST lip dub ever created! If you like 80s music you will love this. This entire crew of a ship made this amazing music video, these guys are on a ship out of England and were just west of the coast of Africa when they made this. (Song starts at :54)

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10/03/2013 4:42AM
Thursday Morning Trends 10/3
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