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Thursday Show: Who has the most ghetto car?

So Volkwagon is recalling 71,000 Jettas because of a wiring defect - when you honk the horn the call stalls. So, that brought us to who has the most ghetto car in Northern Michigan?

AUDIO: Northern Michigan's Most Ghetto Car

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03/31/2011 9:38AM
Thursday Show: Who has the most ghetto car?
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03/31/2011 10:51PM
88" chevy nova
My name is hanna from gaylord michigan.... all last summer i drove and 88' chevy nova and it was a P.O.S.!!!! It was louder then any truck on the road and has more rust then the oldest car in the junk yard..... It was horrible! but that car got me all over northern michigan and was the best P.O.S. i will ever drive!
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