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What Video Had Heather Laughing To Tears?

In between songs this morning, Heather starts hysterically laughing. Honestly, it may be the hardest I have ever heard her laugh. She was watching a video on her laptop, but I couldn't make out what she was watching over the sound of her laughing herselfto tears. Once she composed herself, she showed me these videos of Ellen sending a couple of people from her show through a haunted attraction. For the first bit of the video, I couldn't understand what has her almost peeing her pants. She told me "you have to wait for it". Then sure enough, as they got further through the haunted house, the dude's reactions became more and
more fantastic. Every time he yelled "STOP THAT!" I too found myself laughing out loud. Enjoy!

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High School Freakout That You Now Look Back And Laugh At

I was visiting my cousins over the weekend, and one of their daughters was none-too-happy that another girl from her class had her senior pictues taken in the same spot that she did. I admit that I was only half-heartedly paying attention (her dad and I were consentrating on watching the Lions game) but from what I could gather, this was a pretty big deal to her. Some of the people in the room tried to assure her that even though this seems like a tremendously big deal right now, in a year when she is in college, she isn't going to care one bit about it. Me sharing this story here at work led to a discussion about memories each of us have about having a high school freakout that we now look back as adults on, and laugh about. My moment is when I was cut from the basketball team my senior year. I loved basketball, and still play to this day. When I was pulled into the locker room that day and told the news that I would not be on the team, I pretty much lost my mind. In my mind, my entire world was crashing down and I was basically unbearable to be around for the next week or so. Now when I look back at my antics and realize how ridiculous my dramatic reaction was to that situation, I get a good laugh out of it. Tuesday morning we will open up the studio lines for you to share your "high school freakout" story, that you now look back at and laugh. Feel free to post your story below this post as well, we'd love to read them!
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How I Got My Name

Today on the Morning Show, Heather and I discussed how parents decide on a kid's name. I shared that my mom told me that she decided to name me "Aaron" because it was the very first name in her baby book. As the story goes, my mom and dad could not agree on a name, so my mom decided she was going to go through the baby name book that someone had given her. So with thousands of names at her fingertips, she flipped open the book to page 1, and the very first name in the book was "Aaron" (the double "A" obviously) and she said that was that! I've always found it funny that my mom had this book with hundreds of pages, and literally thousands of names, and she didn't even make it past the first one. It could have been worse, I once met twin girls with the names "LaWasha" and "LaDrya" (100% true story). Have your parents ever told you how they decided on your name? Feel free to post your story below!

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