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Wednesday: Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster

Every Wednesday Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster joins the show to answer questions FREE! If you'd like to contact Tammy type in "Tammy Schuster" in Facebook! Check the podcast!!

AUDIO: Josh and Heather with Psychic Tammy Schuster

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04/20/2011 9:45AM
Wednesday: Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster
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12/07/2011 8:59PM
desperate for your help
Ms tammy,plase I really need your help, my mom will go in to a open heart cirgury and I am very concern, because she is in my country colombia. my phone number is 720 985 8246 denver, and my husband and I we have onlyine phone , culd you please letme know what i need to do in order to have a reading with you
12/28/2011 4:50PM
Tammy, undecided on what to think in a relationship with someone not sure if it's healthly or am I just being taken advantage of need a private reading please
10/07/2012 7:18PM
I really need this question-please help
I Tammy, I would really like if you could answer my question. I feel sorta bad for asking this, but is my grandma watching over me?
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