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My Son's First Halloween

Now that it's officially October, the Halloween barrage is on. This Halloween season is a bit different for me however, because it is my first Halloween as a dad. My wife is over-the-top excited about putting our 8 month old son in his first costume, even though we realize he is too young to actually go trick-or-treating. We were having the discussion the other night about what he should "be" for the upcoming Halloween. My wife wants him to be either a lion or a bear, which I will admit would look adorable, but here is my trepidation. At 8 months old, he doesn't really get the concept of wearing a costume (right?). So if we put anything on his face or head, he is going to immediately pull it off and shove it in his mouth. That's what 8 month olds do, they shove everything they can get their hands on into their mouths (so I am learning). So now we are trying to brainstorm costume ideas for him that don't involve wearing something on his head or face. Feel free to comment with suggestions!

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