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What to name your baby

We have our first school closings of the morning so check our Weatherthreat page. Up and coming baby names are trending and is the Pope sneaking out of the Vatican at night? We've got the story in "what's trending" this morning.

What’s Trending Today

pope may be sneaking out at night to help homeless
It seems that the Pope is ducking out of the Vatican at night dressed as a priest to minister to Rome's homeless and hand out money. The rumor got buzzing when an archbishop whose job it is to do just that said in an interview, "When I say to him, 'I'm going out into the city this evening,' there's the constant risk that he will come with me." Pressed on whether Francis had actually done so, the archbishop smiled and said, "Next question." But Swiss guards have confirmed that the pope has ventured out at night, dressed as a regular priest, to meet with homeless men and women." Francis is also known for making personal phone calls to ordinary people who write to him.
pop culture dominates most popular baby names
Think you're clever naming your baby after a Duck Dynasty star? Think again: Korie and Silas are some of the trendy up-and-comers on BabyCenter's annual baby names survey, along with other pop-culture-inspired names like George (after the royal baby), Kanye (seriously), and Marnie and Shoshanna (after the Girls characters). Korie's popularity, for example, was up 89% this year, Kanye was up 38%, and George was up 37% - as a girl's name. The names Jesse and Skyler were also up in popularity, presumably thanks to Breaking Bad.
paul walker's daughter did not witness his death
Paul Walker's team set the record straight on claims that his 15-year-old daughter Meadow witnessed his tragic death. "It is unfortunate that claims are being made to the media that Paul's daughter Meadow was at the event on Saturday when the accident occurred," a statement on Facebook read. "We want to clarify that Paul went to the event alone. Meadow was not at the charity event on Saturday and thankfully, did not witness the accident. Any claims stating otherwise are inaccurate." The statement continued: "Sadly, there's also numerous people creating fake social media profiles claiming to be Meadow. We would like everyone to know that Meadow does not currently have any public profiles and is not currently active on social media. We ask that her privacy be respected at this time."
Entertainment News

"The National Enquirer" has collected horror stories from celebrities who were bullied as kids . . . including Sandra BullockTiger WoodsRobert PattinsonTom CruiseLady Gaga and Miley Cyrus
Yahoo has released its year-end search results.  More people searched for MILEY CYRUS than anything else in 2013.  She was followed by KIM KARDASHIAN.  JUSTIN BIEBER finished 10th, and was the most popular guy on the list. 
The producers of "Wheel of Fortune" have apologized for airing an episode on Monday in which the answer to one of the puzzles was "The Fast and the Furious".  Host PAT SAJAK explained that the episode was taped a long time ago, and went out to stations several days before PAUL WALKER'S death.
Lots to see online-  A clip of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE singing in his new movie "Inside Llewyn Davis" . . . a new ARIANA GRANDE Christmas song . . . and a new KELLY CLARKSON video for her Christmas Single- Underneath the Tree- check it out below:


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12/04/2013 6:48AM
What to name your baby
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