The Swift Life

So what would happen if the (arguably) biggest star in pop music right now basically created her own social network? Welcome to "The Swift Life" a new app coming to your smartphone. ...Read more

Future Man (Hulu)

Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games stars in this sci-fi nerd fest that looks to pay homage to many classic films. I for one am looking forward to watching this new series coming to Hulu on ...Read more

US Urban Legends

What are the most significant urban legends in each state? The Thrillist put together a list that contains one from each of the United States. Not sure if I agree with what they put for Michigan, ...Read more

Papyrus – SNL

Ryan Gosling is apparently not a fan of the Papyrus Font. Or at least the character he portrayed in this SNL skit from last Saturday night. As expected, many of the segments were huge hits. The ...Read more