Used to It

I’ve already reached that point, where I’m used to waking up early, so my body will naturally wake up before my alarm. I guarantee that this weekend I will be up early too instead of ...Read more

Dark Phoenix

Overnight, we saw the release of the trailer for Dark Phoenix, a backstory for Jean Grey. It follows her from a child to young adulthood and they say that it is the start of a new X-Men trilogy. ...Read more

The Chair

We talked about it this morning, but I recently won a gaming chair in an online contest. We asked the question what was the biggest thing you’ve ever won and got some awesome responses, check ...Read more

Bumblebee Trailer

We finally got the full trailer for the Transformers sequel entitled “Bumblebee”. I love that the’re embracing G1. Bumblebee is more size-accurate, and it appears that Soundwave ...Read more