Bright and Early

With the departure of Aaron, yours truly will be temporarily filling in with Heather on the KHQ morning show! Starting Tuesday, I’ll be setting my clock to an ungodly time of 4:30, and will ...Read more


If you haven’t watched this glorious show yet. I suggest you start. But once you do, it might be tough to turn it off. Season 9 is about to start, and with my girlfriend and I not having ...Read more

True Detective

I’m excited for this new season. Being a fan of most HBO shows, you might call it favoritism. But to be quite honest, I didn’t like season 2 at all. Season 1 of True Detective is one of ...Read more


Think of it as the e3 of Europe. Not as big and as celebrated as e3 is here in the states, but Gamescom is underway in Germany and video game developers and publishers are showing off some new ...Read more