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Robby and Rochelle – July 30th 2021

Dumb Crook News, Fun Facts, Rochelle HATES when people back into parking spaces + What is the #1 thing you and your partner fight about? ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – July 29th 2021

Tipsy or Toddler, Rick the Cat loves Documentaries + Something you did as a kids and still regret it… ...Read more

Tales of Northern Michigan’s Past: Episode 10 – Bay View Michigan – Hotels and Connections Within

Chris sits down with Mary Ann Doerr author of the book Bay View: An American Idea again this week to talk about the hotels of Bay View, located in Petoskey, Michigan. They also begin talking about ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – July 27th, 2021

Halloween Candles already?! Beach Babes or Beach Babies + What is the MOST EXPENSIVE thing you’ve ever consumed? ...Read more

Great Lakes Golf Podcast: Episode 19 – Olympics Golf

(00:00) The Michigan PGA Tournament of Champions @ Boyne Mountain Resort (05:25) US Junior Amateur Championship (9:45) Winners and Losers from the 3M Open (18:00) Picks and Preview of the Olympics ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – July 26th 2021

Grayson is Dennis the Menace, Robby is Mr. Wilson, Gift for Adults? + The last thing you bought is your weapon in a battle…What are you using to fight the enemy? ...Read more

What Could Go Wrong? | The Wicker Man (2006)

Welcome to the pilot of Tyler Woods’ new podcast, ‘What Could Go Wrong”! Tyler, shows his appreciation for Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage, but dives deep into one of cinemas ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – July 23rd 2021

Surgery Sisters Facebook group + You’ve been kidnapped, 30 minutes later they throw you back on the street because you wouldn’t stop talking about_____? ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle July 22nd, 2021

Robby loves giving dating advice + What do you “waste” your money on most often? ...Read more

Ghosts of Northern Michigan’s Past: Episode 8 – A Return Trip to Mackinac Island

Chris returns to Mackinac Island with special guest Pete Kehoe who has lived on the island as a musician for different hotels over the years. The two talk about experiences that occurred to ...Read more