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The MIND-BENDER has literally been a smash! It has broken my phones, annoyed you, made you all laugh and so I decided if you missed the mind-bender or you want to see what all the fuss was about I could help you out! Listen and tune in EVERYDAY at 840, first right guess gets bragging rights and some food! Make no mistake it is MUCH harder then you think!



Have you ever had a friend or family member that was or is in a terrible relationship and you wish they would just leave them already? My friend Jimmy has been cheated on multiple times and calls me when his girlfriend hurts him, but he wont leave! So I asked everyone on the show,  what would you do in this situation? I am ready to give up and not talk to him! Here are the best advice calls of the day!



CRAZY SHOW TODAY! Kierra came on for the 1st time to give her side of our recent argument over letting my roommates move in and me forgetting to tell her. I let her explain why she was mad, I was able to explain where I was coming from and instead of fighting we decided to leave it up to you all and whatever the consensus was we would follow. Hard to admit, but I messed up here a bit so I called her back to say sorry. Here is the best advice we got this AM and the final apology to Kierra live on the radio! Enjoy!!!




I am happy to be back and boy were the phones cooking today, so much so that they BROKE! On the show this AM we discussed what you think a Woman’s role in Professional sports should be. We got on this topic because of Sarah Thomas the NFL referee who became the first woman ever to officiate a Playoff game. I was surprised at how many people did not think women should be able to play sports professionally with men! I say GO FOR IT!!! Here is the best of the best from today!



Today on the show we discussed my friend Craig who just got engaged. Thing is this was the 4th time he asked her after being denied 3 times. When I asked him what she said about the proposal he told me he overheard her say to her sister “well in 41, not getting younger, he makes good money and I think we can be happy”. He did not see an issue with that, I however do! So I asked today Have YOU ever settled and if so why, since 4 out of 10 are currently in a relationship like that… Here are the best of the best people from today!



On the show today a HEATED DEBATE! I was speaking to the girlfriend yesterday about a hypothetical situation. I was talking about IF (we are NOT there yet nor did I ask her) but IF I asked her to move in that I would pay most of the bills. I said it is a matter of Chivalry and being kind and loving, she insisted that she would HAVE TO pay half… Well I asked everyone who they agreed with and it was SPLIT! 50/50. Here is the best of the best from today!




Happy New Year!!!! Crazy Show Today! My sister decided to buy her kids ages 5,7 and 9 an I phone X. Well I after being asked told her that was unacceptable and no kid needs a 1000 phone with internet access. Needless to say most of you agreed!



WOW! What a show! Today I discussed my first REAL ISSUE with Kierra who wants me to take down my online dating profile! I am not sure why I do not want too, it is a little bit like I feel like she is telling me too, a little is what if we do not work out, so many feelings and issues here, so I asked what you think I should do… and today… NO AGREEMENTS so, Im still not sure, maybe I will listen to Lisa!!! OH NO!!!



Pets for Christmas? Is it a bad idea? Pets are the #2 thing parents purchased for their kids this holiday season and 44% of them will end up in a shelter or re-homed! Do you think it is irresponsible for you to buy your child a pet as a gift… I confess I started out the morning thinking so, BUT, I changed my mind after all of you weighed in today! Check out all the calls and comments below! Thank you all so much for checking in!!!



On the show today I discussed a personal issue happening at home! My family is divided over an issue about Santa! My Grandma who is 86, took my cousin’s 11 month old baby to see Santa! Thing is it was her first Christmas and my cousin REALLY wanted to take her daughter to see Santa. Now the family is divided! Do you think this is a really big deal, or do you think she is over reacting!!! Most of you thought it was a big deal although some sided with Grandma!!! Check out what everyone said!



Today’s show was a BLAST!!! First I needed help deciding how I should act at my company Christmas Party~ I am new so I did not know if it was weird to have a few beers and I asked for some advice!


Then after posting about pets and buying them gifts listener Emily called the show to tell me not only should I buy pets gifts but the deserve a FULL CHRISTMAS!!! LIKE KIDS!!!


Well I certainly thought she was a little out there to say the least, so I needed you all to back me up and agree… I do not think that happened!!! Here are the best callers from today about buying pets gifts and if they realize what Christmas is… Shocked at the answers!!!

Thank you all again so much for all the interaction and weighing in on the topics this week! You make my job so easy and I appreciate you all for that! Have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas!



On the Show today, another edition of 2nd Date Update! This week Emily called the show with an issue! She met David after he asked her out AT WORK 5 times, they had a great time she says and he has disappeared! I try to get to the bottom of it for her!

Emily’s initial call and explanation of the Date!




In addition to 2nd date, my new girlfriend Kierra and I had a discussion about Christmas gifts and she told me “I didn’t have to get her anything”! I figured this was great, but Lisa and MANY of you told me that actually means something VERY DIFFERENT! So now rushing to get a gift I need to know what I should get and how much to spend! This is what everyone said this AM! I can tell you one thing, I learned that whenever a lady says she does NOT want a gift, SHE DOES!!!!



Today was a BLAST! I made the mistake of putting up pictures of my apartment. Reason being Kierra my new girlfriend came over for 20 minutes and my apartment was a mess. She changed her vibe towards me quickly and so I decided to get everyone’s opinion on the issue. Is a Messy Place a total deal breaker. 5000 views, 200 comments and dozens of calls later, I figured out it 100% WAS! Uh oh! Here are the best calls from the day and what I learned after it all!!! Enjoy and check back daily for new podcast episodes!!!



Busy Show Today! Over the weekend I was at Grand Traverse Mall and was SHOCKED when a man working at the Food Court REFUSED service to a customer while she was on her phone… So I asked, is this REALLY that big a deal? Looks like I was in the minority thinking this is no big deal, lots of people agreed with his reaction and called the show to voice their experiences…. Here is a look at what you missed this Morning. Head to the 106 KHQ Morning Show Facebook to read what people think!


Also a Family issue has me puzzled! My brother is in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. His significant other (in my opinion) is staying with him because he has a good job. So I asked have you ever stayed in a relationship too long? Why? It was surprising to see he is NOT the only one!!!



Today we announced the FINAL WINNER for the KHQ Choir Competition grades 9-12. The winners are Gaylord High school choir and in the K-8 category we have   St. Ignatius Catholic School of Rogers City! Today Rizzo spoke to the Choir directors about their wins, what it means to the students and what they will be doing for their big performance!!!

K-8  winner St. Ignatius Choir Dir. Amy Rabeau-


Grades 9-12 Winner Gaylord High School Choir Dir. Justin Reed

A HUGE CONGRATS to all the finalists and Winners from the whole KHQ and McDonald Garber Family!


Did You Miss the show today? Here is some on what you missed!


Second Date Update: Today on the show Reggie wants to know why a GREAT girl he went on a blind date has been ghosting him! He thinks the date went well and is at a loss as to why she wont return his calls, so today I got to the bottom of it, and of course there are 2 sides to each story!!! Check it out and see if you can figure out who is lying!!!


Reggie and Cassandra (Reggie’s side)

Second Date Update: Cassandra’s side!!!