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MGB Handbook Page 22: ALL Hosts MUST Answer Hate Mail!

The Witmer Copter, Larry, The List all the complaints levied against the show this week! All have been addressed accordingly as per company handbook page 22!  

Lyrics With Lisa…

Lisa from the KNN News Room debuts famous song lyrics in a News Voice with Barney in the Back! It… Was… Interesting?

My Brother Got a GOAT… FOR REAL!!!

Lisa and Her Pet Horsey Calendar…

Larry Sent Us A Hate Message… Did He Respond!!!

5 AM Hour Podcast… DANE RETURNS!

2nd Date Update: A FIRST for Us!

Will Maude Make this List!

Are You A Glove Guy or Gal?

A Very Steadman Valentines Day… Oprah may LEAVE HIM!!!

Ever Done The Pop In?

Paris Hilton Cooks?

5 A.M. Podcast with a Treat!

Listener Court: Jeff and the $60.00 Plus One!!! CHEAP

Juicy Pop Princess’ from the 90’s!!!

Lisa Fights Men with Swords!

The Boss Husband who REFUSED to Give his Wife a Raise!!!

Abby wanted help… Rizzo said WALK OUT THE DOOR! Jeff says work harder Abby!

Old People Roomies… Fun?

Are you sharp? Razor Sharp!

Chef Daddy’s Valentine’s Day Service. MEOW!

Want Rizzo and Jeff to Nude Cook you dinner for you and Sweetie? You are in luck! Introducing our NEW Business Venture! CHEF DADDIES

Butters FINALLY Visits!

Another Rizzo List… You Are Welcome!

The Harvey Stash is a LIE!!!

Miss The 5 am Hour? You Did NOT Miss Much!

Cheetle vs Cheedle? Who Do You Like?





And then there was Maude…


Lisa had to arrest a goat today!




Second Date Update- Lisa’s Creeper


The Rest of the Show~

I bought a pair of Leather Pants and Jeff and Lisa HATE THEM! I think they look GREAT!

That Cornflakes Chicken RUINS Cereal for Rizzo, ALL THE TIME!

Dane out 12 year old fan called to do accents and he was… well… better than Lindsay Lohan

Dr. Tuande sent me a letter and said he was trapped in space! He needs my Bank Account # to get home!!! He has been in space since 1990, that’s 30 Years!!!





Kids Bop released their newest album and I am HYPE! Jeff and Lisa are NOT! Do you like Kids Bop…


Listener Court today was to decide if I would let Jeff decorate or not? So who won?


Lisa LOVES fruitcakes… Does ANYONE ELSE? Literally anyone?


Today we had listener Crystal who was photoshopped by her husband. Thing is it really does not bother her. Needless to say not many people believed her… At All!!!


1 out 0f 3 people have not read a book in AT LEAST a year! So we wanted to get you all excited about reading again. Did it work?


If you were trampled by Bison on a date would you go back?


OH HECK… As Lisa likes to SAY… OH HECK!!!




The whole crew is back together and we are back to regular! The InstaPot vs. The Emeril… Can we convert her?


Sometimes Adult Time Out is a good idea… I think my bosses WISH they could put me in to it!!!


The TC TURKEYS have gone missing! Help us locate them!!!


What a let down… our favorite Halloween Candy in MI is… YUCK!


Are Jeff and I in a domestic partnership? Just because I got him Balloons?




The “RIZZO TERROR TOUR” begins TONIGHT, 9pm at The Ghost Farm at Kingsley (check out their website and see all the cool things to do with the family!


I spoke about it today and I really meant that I need support. Get your tickets at the link below and check out our podcast! This is going to be epic!!!