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Robby and Rochelle On Demand

Robby and Rochelle – September 15, 2021

Fun Facts, Dumb Crook News + Robby Googles…Himself…a lot…That was Trademarked? And If you could go on a double date with ANY celebrity couple, who would you choose?

Robby and Rochelle – October 14, 2021

Thirsty Thursday Tipsy or Toddler, Cops in the cemetery,  Rochelle lost her 6th grade science fair, and she is still upset about it + Which alcohol made you say “I’ll never drink that again”?

Robby and Rochelle – October 13, 2021

Our neighbor brought us Fish, Things you should never google, + Tell us where you’re from using only Food!

Robby and Rochelle – October 12, 2021

Robby doesn’t like the new guy at church, also he can’t see! Our 5 year old Grayson texted the boss a “miss you” TikTok + What is something you should NEVER do Naked?

Robby and Rochelle – October 11, 2021

Robby and Rochelle sleep in separate beds, Lola wants a Sexy Halloween Costume, Pumpkin Spice… Love it or Hate it? + If you had to binge watch your parents favorite show, what would you be watching?

Robby and Rochelle – October 8, 2021

Finally Friday Freak out! Fun Facts, Dumb Crook News, Lyric or Lie + What’s on top of your fridge?

Robby and Rochelle – October 7, 2021

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBY, Thirsty Thursday, Tipsy or Toddler, We are those people now, + What is something you’re holding on to, because you think it might be worth money one day?

Robby and Rochelle – October 6, 2021

Rochelle “tries” to be nice to student drivers, My kid scared the crap outta me + What was the first CD you ever purchased.

Robby and Rochelle – October 5, 2021

Rochelle Flashed the neighbor, Robby bought a Voodoo Doo Doll + What is everyone else seems to love, but you can’t stand?

Robby and Rochelle – October 4, 2021

Robby’s Childhood bedroom is gross, Rochelle needs a new car + What’s the worst thing you’ve stepped on or in with your bare feet?

Robby and Rochelle – September 23, 2021

Robby has Baby Fever, Tipsy or Toddler + The song you you’ll never get sick of listening to

Robby and Rochelle – September 22, 2021

Mic Drop resignations, Robby knows cars + What’s The best Birthday Celebration You’ve Ever Had?

Robby and Rochelle – September 21, 2021

Sibling Rivalry, no prom petition + What 1 ingredient ruins a dish?

Robby and Rochelle – September 20, 2021

Rochelle thinks men who drive sports cars are D-bags, + A Jingle (Song) that is forever stuck in your head

Robby and Rochelle – September 17, 2021

Dinner Time Arm Wrestling, Random people on TV who we know + Who are the “Top 3” on your Celeb Hall Pass List?