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A listener sent Rizzo an anonymous YOLO message on Snapchat (Rizzoontheradio) about his girlfriend of 10 years who wants to go to grad school and take a break. Thing is she wants them to be together on breaks and in the Summer! What would you do?


We have a theory on why Lisa is sick…


Jeff told us about the first time he was FIRED!!! You wont believe what he did?



So I WENT! The BLind Date, Snapchat wedding and it was, crazy! BIG PLOT TWIST, plus my date calls and updates us on what happened when we left!!!


What if you fell in love and that person MADE you choose between them or your pet? Erica needs help, this just happened to her over the weekend!


It is the 3 year anniversary of me and Jimmy Croft being detained at the border to Windsor!!!


Can you admit it? 50% of people wear underwear more than 2 days?




Today Dan write to us. He proposed, she said no! He thinks he should leave but is not sure. He needed our help!!!


I was invited to a wedding anonymously on SC! Should I take a chance and go or not? What would you do?


Today was the FIRST day of our Friday Follies! Enjoy our silliness!

  • First we try to make Lisa Laugh


  • How to tell a Great joke!


  • How to tell if you are watching a bad ELVIS impersonator




Second Date Update was INSANE today! Meet Puppet Guy


Oprah came in to help Lisa and us all learn what kids are saying today! Thanks Oprah! We love you!!!




Pumpkin Spice, do you love it or hate it? Jeff is going for his 1st Listener Court Win!!!


Do you LOVE the Golden Girls as much as Rizzo? Well then you will love this!




78% of couples KISS their dog more then each other? Do you buy it?


Dog Fishing is the newest dating trend and Rizzo is SUPER GUILTY of it… Who cares if it is not my dog!


Olive Garden’s Pasta Pass is BACK!!!!!


Finally, Should you EVER Refrigerate your Katchup? I say HECK NO! Jeff and Lisa say YES!!!




Lisa became a Sleuth and did not even realize it!!! Who stole the work Coffee Pot?


What is the etiquette for a person who wants to go to eat close to closing time? Should they not be served if they show up 10 minutes to close? 15? Hear why one local waitress was suspended over this and what everyone said about it…


Rizzo is ALL IN on a see through bathing suit! Are you?




Listener Court was a reference to a fight Jeff and I have been having. PB& Pickles! Is it weird?


Lisa is back and we ask her about Pioneer Town!


Would you be upset if a Robot replaced your job? Studies say, not really?




To TRUST you rkid or not! Are they entitled to privacy under your roof!


Rizzo gave HIS tips on dating and it went… well?


PB& Pickle? Would you? The internet is aflutter




To share a toothbrush or not?


Our Lisa was visiting a Pioneer Town in California


You won’t believe what people are naming their babies today!!!




66% of people DO NOT acknowledge the existence of people on an elevator. We are here to stop that!


What would you do if your Fiance’ spent ALL of your wedding money, 20K on a dog?


Swim-ply an AMAZING idea!




Second Date Update today was insane! Meet G-Swizzle and April…


April then explained why Gary was well… still single…


Then we met G- Swizzle and it all fell apart


A Local woman who has 3 kids is being kicked out of her house and her parents are selling it, because they need the money!!!




Should you EVER use a coupon on a first date? I think its tacky and lazy, Jeff LOVES the idea, so did most of you?


Are you wondering what Lisa is up to on Vacation? Wait until you find out!!!


You have heard about the bachelor, how about the cat- chelor?




A group of tired moms want to change Halloween! Would you be for it?


Hey there silly. August is the month of many things, check it out!!!




Today we found out Lisa had goats, yes goats! Just listen to this…


A woman who wants to name her daughter Tilly is asking a friend to re name her 11 year old dog who is named the same thing!!! People are outraged!


1/3 of delivery drivers have admitted to stealing a few bites of YOUR FOOD!!! Does that gross you out?



A local waitress was FIRED for refusing to serve a pregnant woman alcohol, thing is, she did not tell her she was not going to serve her, she faked her drinks!!!


Want 125.00? Find out how!


Lisa has just found out the INSTA POT has a few new products and she is THRILLED!!!


How to live life as a good looking person? It is hard!




A man finds his wife on Tinder, while he SECRETLY was on it too!!! What should he do? Jeff says say something I say shut up!!!



2nd Date Update today found Adam trying to learn why Stacey ghosted him…

We certainly found out why?

Is this guy insane or what?



Listener Court today was spawned by a woman I met at the Mall yesterday. She was picking up HER OWN engagement ring! Do you find any issues with that? Then the convo turned into traditional proposals vs new age ones!


The KIT KAT is the most popular candy in Japan, and the Flavors are… well…


Lisa took an IQ test on air… How did she do? She is still smarter than Jaff and myself…


Also Lisa cooked Sweetie some Shake and Bake… YUMMY!!!





Peppa Pig is 7’1 and the internet is freaking out. Jeff has no idea who Peppa is, so we showed him…


Would you allow your wife to quit her job to plan your wedding, while she makes you take up a 2nd job? Jeff and I agree for the first time and its not what you think?


A new study says jokes are funnier WITH a laugh track, so I found the WORST Dad jokes and gave it a try… It did not go too well…


Carpet in the Bathroom? Yay or Nay?




The great pizza debate of 2019… Cold Pizza or not! Mi hates cold pizza more than ANY OTHER FOOD!!!


The 3rd most powerful, respected and influential man in the world, behind Obama and Bill Gates and ahead of the Dali Llama is…. (Just listen I promise its worth it)





Listener Damon just found out why his wife left him… you WILL NOT believe why! (hint: I Pads and Jewels)


This heat is… well… BAD!




2nd Date update was nuts today… a circus! Check it out!


Lady Liberty is getting divorced, sad!


The FACE APP challenge is a REALLY scary thing, find out why!




We owe a friend a favor and she called it in yesterday. She wants Jeff and I to go skydiving! I say we promised, he says HECK NO!!!


Do you believe that there is ONE person for you? According to a study, most people DO NOT!


Halloween is near… kind of… Target thinks so!!!


BK is going Meatless and they WONT TELL YOU if you have real meat or the substitute!!!




Should you EVER Settle? Even at a certain age?


What is the appeal of eating outside??? I just do not get it!!!


Mountain Dew messed up BIG TIME… Sorry Yooper!!!




Today we debuted a new segment, Break Up or Make Up… Would you forgive your Fiance’ for talking to his ex 2 weeks before your wedding?


My prayers HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! An all crust pizza!!!


I made a new friend this weekend and I had my WORST pick up line said to me… EVER!




2nd Date update today brought us a first! We had to cut off someone in the middle of a story it was so crazy! Click below to hear Devon and Stan’s 2nd Date!

Devon Calls First

Stan’s incredible tale of his date!!!

The Final Solution Devon and Stan



Also, we discovered the Mosquito! It scares young people and older people can not hear it! Check it out!





The Rizmeister General is KING again this week. Listener Court was a SWEEP! Are you a bridezilla if you disinvite kids to your own wedding?


We have a creepy neighbor issue that is NOT FUN for us!


Parents HATE summer now! They want their kids BACK in school…


Uber is now unveiling quiet mode… Jeff is THRILLED!!!




How often do you wash your clothes? Do just men do the SMELL TEST?


Is watching and supervising your 16 year old on a date too much…


It is Lisa’s B Day and we FORGOT!!!!




Jeff owed Lisa an apology today and it was… well awkward!!!


I have made the switch, I am a HAT guy!!!


I also have made my first Juice log…


Would you rent a friend! Well you can here in TC!!!




I have never been kiss greeted MORE than here in Northern Mi…


Rizzo hates KUWTK, Jeff hates Fraiser, Lisa hates Friends… what TV show do you hate?


Have you ever went to dinner with an indecisive wife? Well, no more…


Is is wrong to EXPECT someone to bring food to a party YOU are throwing? I think it is childish, Jeff thinks throwing a party implies you MUST bring food…




Is it cheating to talk online to someone, platonically, but a lot!


The Bottle Cap Challenge is here… who could do it on THIS show!


Do you sleep with a top sheet?




Would you have a child with a man who was 80, oh and you are 24?


Would you date a co worker? Air BNB is saying YES! But there is a condition…



Using FIREWORKS this 4th? Well here are some helpful hints…




So Nelly is coming and I want to know if I should wear my hair up or leave it down… 150 FB comments later I still have no made a decision.


This is Jeff and my first Cherry Fest, so I asked Lisa to show us how to hype up the crowd!


AMA is a new thing we tried, Ask Us Anything, so… Here it goes…




What would you do if your friend knew you cheated and wanted to tell her SO about it…


My house caught on fire overnight…




Listener Court was CLOSE! TOO CLOSE for Rizzo


WWYD if your significant other photoshopped your image to make you look thinner?


Does FB and Instagram spy on you? Gail King to the Rescue..





Are you a Phone person or not! Jeff is not and he is the WORST LIAR about it!


Odd question? Do you eat Left Overs?


Want a Celeb to say hi? It will only cost between 7 and 2500 bucks!!!




Would you GIVE UP freely your passcode to your phone and let your SO go through it?


What do you keep in the fridge? Jeff ANNOYS ME!!!


A MI man won the lottery and had to give half to his EX! Would you fight this?




WWYD if your mother begged you to change your baby’s name? Would you do it?


Wearing a Wedding dress to a Wedding? Thoughts?


Summer is here!!! And you are ALL FREAKED OUT!!!





What if a first date turned into a REAL LIFE MOVIE? Check out this weeks 2nd date update…


Is it a BIG deal for your significant other to see your wedding dress before you get married? I think its outdated, Jeff is incensed!




The Salad Bar dispute continues today in Listener Court! Is a Buffet mean all you can eat… AT HOME?


After the insane result on Listener Court today, It got me thinking… “What is something your friend does that ANNOYS you to no end”


Would you pay 10 Grand to find your mom a date?




Today on the show we discussed what you would do if you were invited to a wedding and you were told to change your appearance


The basis for Listener Court tomorrow. Jeff is a Salad Thief and WILL NOT admit it!!!





Today in salute to Fathers Day… DAD BOD, and ladies LOVE IT!!!


Would you pay 350.00 to have someone else name your child? Check this out… Momma Rizzo makes an appearance!


Would it be okay with you if your child did something and YOU went to jail… seriously!!! It may happen?






Today we spoke about Liz who does not know if she should give her Ring back to her ex? The engagement ring! I say HECK YES… Lisa, NO WAY!!! Wait until you see what everyone said…


Facebook is LITERALLY trying to Stalk you…



Koala Kare is making Dad’s happy… For real…




Should dads get a better Father’s Day… more like mom!!!


Listener Court today involved what Lisa thought was an arrogant letter… Did everyone agree?


My date went… well… listen for yourself!!!




Today I let everyone know there is someone… maybe! We are meeting today BUT she lives SUPER FAR, so I wanted to know how far is too far for a Northern MI person to drive for someone?


New Segment today… Ask Lisa!!!




Today we got into a discussion about giving up your phone for 1K!!! Could you do it?


Have you ever been avoided by someone intentionally? What did you do? Rizzo is being avoided by someone who is PRETENDING to have Laryngitis, thing is its been 7 weeks!!!


Would LISA go to the moon?


Who is the WORST famous actor?




What would you do if your Husband or Wife gave you a LIST for you and your friends to follow when you went out…


BIGFOOT is….. (Find out here if he really exists, there is proof)




2nd Date Update today just did not smell right…


Afterward we shared an email we got from a listener and people were ANGRY!!!!


Lisa has a favorite TP! Wanna know what it is???




Listener Court today was about moving out of the house…


After Listener Court the discussion turned to in 2019 is it really THAT weird to live at home when you are 30?


You have heard of #METOO have you heard of #KUTOO it is just as important





If you friend zone someone on a date should you make them pay half??? I think so, Lisa does not!!! WOW! What a show!


A 18 year old girl is putting herself through college making videos… Hot and Snotty, just listen!!!


Lisa has instapot competition and it is NOT looking good!!!





Would you be able to recognize your SO by a pic of their legs, arms or feet? One woman said she could and it went downhill from there…


Lisa had her Garage Sale and it was EPIC!!!


Sadly the news has been confirmed. R Patz or Robert Pattinson is the new Batman… Thoughts?




Second Date Update today was NUTS. Just Listen to the WHOLE THING! Trust me!


Lisa LOVES the Weiner Mobile and it is for sale!


For your listening pleasure… Arnold Raps!!!





Listener Court today involved Meredith finding what she calls a “flirty” email on husband Sid’s phone! I say YOU CAN NOT flirt in an email, Lisa disagrees!!!


Turns out women are happiest with NO KIDS and NOT being Married… Do you agree?


The woman who married a dead pirate ghost is getting divorced. Sad News!





The World Health Organization says Video Game addiction is a REAL THING! Do you believe that? I think its insane… Today’s show was all about peoples thoughts about it


The PITSPITTERS, our new Baseball team starts today so I did a little journalism and got to the root of what people REALLY care about! Food, Bathrooms and Clothes! First up food!

Next up… The GIFT SHOP!!!


Finally Lisa expressed her love of her new closet. Thing is, she is NOT sharing!!! How Rude!





How would you handle finding out your husband has 3 kids that he never told you about? WOW!


Lisa had an issue with the copier today…


Where did all your money go this weekend! I will tell you!




Should you ever take someone to a child’s play place for a date? Today’s 2nd Date Update was about just that! Check it out!!!


On the topic of BAD DATES… I would make sure to check out Rizzo’s WORST FIRST DATE! (HINT: My Little Pony)


Women are MUCH more productive with hotter temps, this could be why Lisa and I can not agree on the studio temps!!! EVER!!!




Is it possible that someone can cheat and NOT remember it? Can they forget you entirely? Listener Court today was EPIC! Check it out!


New Coke is Back and I am excited, Lisa however remembers it back in the day and is NOT!!!




Should you ever tell your wife she gained weight? Or are little white lies okay?


Lisa has an addiction and it is to Wayfair…


People are getting grief counselling after the GOT finale. 119,000 people have called… in 2 days!!!




GOT is OVER! Finally! So we wanted to be different and talk to the people who have NEVER watched it!


My friends came over this weekend and it was DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! Why are men like this… We get worse as we age too!


Should you EVER bring a dog to someone else’s house without telling them?





Second Date Update was insane today! Frankie a girl HATES Unisex names!!!


For all of you out there who made fun of me for not washing my legs.. I GOT YA!!!


GOT Fans want their Final Season Re done!




Listener Court was GREAT today… I won! Is a million bucks make you rich in 2019?


After Listener Court we got into a discussion about Washing Habits. Do you wash your legs daily or not? 33% of us DO NOT wash them daily!





We found out Lisa is a Hoarder and we tried to get her help! That is all!


The number one thing that makes men “HUSBAND MATERIAL” is crazy to me.


My friend is coming to visit and he is a Mouth Kisser… Eww





Today we got an email about a man in the DOG HOUSE! His pregnant wife is upset he did not get her anything for mothers day!!! Is that really a big deal… and I found out… IT WAS!!!


I joined a gym this weekend and well….


I started a movement and I also swore off of online dating for good. I kept seeing Kierra on Tinder and Bumble and it hurt too much!!!


Lisa is New to Snapchat so we messed around with Filters!!!




Today’s 2nd Date update was epic! Erica was ghosted by Ray because of a TV Show!!! Wow!


Lisa has is moving and refused to give up her Bee-bop… it is a Mannequin!


Gibby’s Fries are here for the summer and we are EXCITED!!!!



Today was a day on craziness. First Wendy’s is bringing back spicy nuggets… THE WORLD IS GRAND!


Also we got an email form a woman who is beside herself her Fiance is getting gifts from an EX! Is it THAT big of a deal?


We also found out the GOT Starbucks thing was not even a thing. It was not Starbucks…


Finally, Have you ever Called in FAT! I am serious! 18% of Women have, this blew my mind!!!




Listener Court was insane today, Lisa pulled out an improbable win followed by an impromptu Listener Court and people were NOT HAPPY about it!!!


Lisa has a dream.. It’s Cookies!!!


If you use Air BNB I would triple check the rental. Cameras have been found in 10% of all rentals… hidden cameras!




We figured out why Lisa was SICK again yesterday! It was store bought Guacamole, for the 2nd time!!!


Rizzo is CONVINCED that GOT purposely put that Starbucks Cup there, it is a Conspiracy… Prove me Wrong!


73% of us have a Favorite Kid, Rizzo thinks that is too high, Lisa on the other hand IS the Favorite… People were honest! Turns out that most parents DO have a favorite…




So Saturday I ate alone at Ruby Tuesday’s and I LOVED IT! Someone thought I should know that it was odd… So I asked, is it?


Roommate Jeff and I were shocked at what people would give up for the PERFECT night’s sleep… So we discussed what we would give up… turns out, not so much!


This weekend I was at View Nightclub and tried to get into SideTraxx and was denied. I am finding I am a lonely guy… sometimes!!!




So a man is considering throwing his pregnant wife out of the house… Do you think this is a bit extreme?


Want to save 1500 a month? All you have to do is this…


What age do you trust your kids to do certain things? The ages would surprise you…




Today we had 2nd Date Update and it was NUTS. Tiny feet and Hands? Really? Dan needed our help. It started okay?


Erin answered the phone and then it got weird…


Needless to say Dan was offended and he defended himself!!! A Lot!


So after 2nd Date Lisa and I wanted to discuss if anyone thought it was shallow to ghost someone because of their hands and feet…




Is it Tacky and Rude to wear White to a Wedding? Women were killing a woman on social media for that exact thing. I see no point or issue with wearing White to a wedding, Lisa does! What do you think? People were fired up today!


You would be shocked at the top places we cry and home is not on the list!!!


Facebook is trying to take over the world! Now they are introducing Secret Crush!!! Interesting!!!