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Today in salute to Fathers Day… DAD BOD, and ladies LOVE IT!!!


Would you pay 350.00 to have someone else name your child? Check this out… Momma Rizzo makes an appearance!


Would it be okay with you if your child did something and YOU went to jail… seriously!!! It may happen?






Today we spoke about Liz who does not know if she should give her Ring back to her ex? The engagement ring! I say HECK YES… Lisa, NO WAY!!! Wait until you see what everyone said…


Facebook is LITERALLY trying to Stalk you…



Koala Kare is making Dad’s happy… For real…




Should dads get a better Father’s Day… more like mom!!!


Listener Court today involved what Lisa thought was an arrogant letter… Did everyone agree?


My date went… well… listen for yourself!!!




Today I let everyone know there is someone… maybe! We are meeting today BUT she lives SUPER FAR, so I wanted to know how far is too far for a Northern MI person to drive for someone?


New Segment today… Ask Lisa!!!




Today we got into a discussion about giving up your phone for 1K!!! Could you do it?


Have you ever been avoided by someone intentionally? What did you do? Rizzo is being avoided by someone who is PRETENDING to have Laryngitis, thing is its been 7 weeks!!!


Would LISA go to the moon?


Who is the WORST famous actor?




What would you do if your Husband or Wife gave you a LIST for you and your friends to follow when you went out…


BIGFOOT is….. (Find out here if he really exists, there is proof)




2nd Date Update today just did not smell right…


Afterward we shared an email we got from a listener and people were ANGRY!!!!


Lisa has a favorite TP! Wanna know what it is???




Listener Court today was about moving out of the house…


After Listener Court the discussion turned to in 2019 is it really THAT weird to live at home when you are 30?


You have heard of #METOO have you heard of #KUTOO it is just as important





If you friend zone someone on a date should you make them pay half??? I think so, Lisa does not!!! WOW! What a show!


A 18 year old girl is putting herself through college making videos… Hot and Snotty, just listen!!!


Lisa has instapot competition and it is NOT looking good!!!





Would you be able to recognize your SO by a pic of their legs, arms or feet? One woman said she could and it went downhill from there…


Lisa had her Garage Sale and it was EPIC!!!


Sadly the news has been confirmed. R Patz or Robert Pattinson is the new Batman… Thoughts?




Second Date Update today was NUTS. Just Listen to the WHOLE THING! Trust me!


Lisa LOVES the Weiner Mobile and it is for sale!


For your listening pleasure… Arnold Raps!!!





Listener Court today involved Meredith finding what she calls a “flirty” email on husband Sid’s phone! I say YOU CAN NOT flirt in an email, Lisa disagrees!!!


Turns out women are happiest with NO KIDS and NOT being Married… Do you agree?


The woman who married a dead pirate ghost is getting divorced. Sad News!





The World Health Organization says Video Game addiction is a REAL THING! Do you believe that? I think its insane… Today’s show was all about peoples thoughts about it


The PITSPITTERS, our new Baseball team starts today so I did a little journalism and got to the root of what people REALLY care about! Food, Bathrooms and Clothes! First up food!

Next up… The GIFT SHOP!!!


Finally Lisa expressed her love of her new closet. Thing is, she is NOT sharing!!! How Rude!





How would you handle finding out your husband has 3 kids that he never told you about? WOW!


Lisa had an issue with the copier today…


Where did all your money go this weekend! I will tell you!




Should you ever take someone to a child’s play place for a date? Today’s 2nd Date Update was about just that! Check it out!!!


On the topic of BAD DATES… I would make sure to check out Rizzo’s WORST FIRST DATE! (HINT: My Little Pony)


Women are MUCH more productive with hotter temps, this could be why Lisa and I can not agree on the studio temps!!! EVER!!!




Is it possible that someone can cheat and NOT remember it? Can they forget you entirely? Listener Court today was EPIC! Check it out!


New Coke is Back and I am excited, Lisa however remembers it back in the day and is NOT!!!




Should you ever tell your wife she gained weight? Or are little white lies okay?


Lisa has an addiction and it is to Wayfair…


People are getting grief counselling after the GOT finale. 119,000 people have called… in 2 days!!!




GOT is OVER! Finally! So we wanted to be different and talk to the people who have NEVER watched it!


My friends came over this weekend and it was DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! Why are men like this… We get worse as we age too!


Should you EVER bring a dog to someone else’s house without telling them?





Second Date Update was insane today! Frankie a girl HATES Unisex names!!!


For all of you out there who made fun of me for not washing my legs.. I GOT YA!!!


GOT Fans want their Final Season Re done!




Listener Court was GREAT today… I won! Is a million bucks make you rich in 2019?


After Listener Court we got into a discussion about Washing Habits. Do you wash your legs daily or not? 33% of us DO NOT wash them daily!





We found out Lisa is a Hoarder and we tried to get her help! That is all!


The number one thing that makes men “HUSBAND MATERIAL” is crazy to me.


My friend is coming to visit and he is a Mouth Kisser… Eww





Today we got an email about a man in the DOG HOUSE! His pregnant wife is upset he did not get her anything for mothers day!!! Is that really a big deal… and I found out… IT WAS!!!


I joined a gym this weekend and well….


I started a movement and I also swore off of online dating for good. I kept seeing Kierra on Tinder and Bumble and it hurt too much!!!


Lisa is New to Snapchat so we messed around with Filters!!!




Today’s 2nd Date update was epic! Erica was ghosted by Ray because of a TV Show!!! Wow!


Lisa has is moving and refused to give up her Bee-bop… it is a Mannequin!


Gibby’s Fries are here for the summer and we are EXCITED!!!!



Today was a day on craziness. First Wendy’s is bringing back spicy nuggets… THE WORLD IS GRAND!


Also we got an email form a woman who is beside herself her Fiance is getting gifts from an EX! Is it THAT big of a deal?


We also found out the GOT Starbucks thing was not even a thing. It was not Starbucks…


Finally, Have you ever Called in FAT! I am serious! 18% of Women have, this blew my mind!!!




Listener Court was insane today, Lisa pulled out an improbable win followed by an impromptu Listener Court and people were NOT HAPPY about it!!!


Lisa has a dream.. It’s Cookies!!!


If you use Air BNB I would triple check the rental. Cameras have been found in 10% of all rentals… hidden cameras!




We figured out why Lisa was SICK again yesterday! It was store bought Guacamole, for the 2nd time!!!


Rizzo is CONVINCED that GOT purposely put that Starbucks Cup there, it is a Conspiracy… Prove me Wrong!


73% of us have a Favorite Kid, Rizzo thinks that is too high, Lisa on the other hand IS the Favorite… People were honest! Turns out that most parents DO have a favorite…




So Saturday I ate alone at Ruby Tuesday’s and I LOVED IT! Someone thought I should know that it was odd… So I asked, is it?


Roommate Jeff and I were shocked at what people would give up for the PERFECT night’s sleep… So we discussed what we would give up… turns out, not so much!


This weekend I was at View Nightclub and tried to get into SideTraxx and was denied. I am finding I am a lonely guy… sometimes!!!




So a man is considering throwing his pregnant wife out of the house… Do you think this is a bit extreme?


Want to save 1500 a month? All you have to do is this…


What age do you trust your kids to do certain things? The ages would surprise you…




Today we had 2nd Date Update and it was NUTS. Tiny feet and Hands? Really? Dan needed our help. It started okay?


Erin answered the phone and then it got weird…


Needless to say Dan was offended and he defended himself!!! A Lot!


So after 2nd Date Lisa and I wanted to discuss if anyone thought it was shallow to ghost someone because of their hands and feet…




Is it Tacky and Rude to wear White to a Wedding? Women were killing a woman on social media for that exact thing. I see no point or issue with wearing White to a wedding, Lisa does! What do you think? People were fired up today!


You would be shocked at the top places we cry and home is not on the list!!!


Facebook is trying to take over the world! Now they are introducing Secret Crush!!! Interesting!!!




Today a woman emailed Rizzo and Lisa and asked if she was a bad person because she was marrying a guy for money not love! Lots of people had something to say, I thought perhaps people would be more understanding. It was NOT the case!!!




Today was also the LAST DAY for FWB (Friends with Benefits) and it was a nail biter! Did Desiree and her friend Amanda answer?




Lisa SOLD HER HOUSE over the weekend! She is moving in with her new BF and there is NO GOING BACK! I think it is way too soon, she thinks it is just the right time! What do you think, listen and let us know!!!


People are the WORST when it comes Spoilers on FB! Why do they do it! Lisa and I try to figure it out!




Today we received an email from Julie! She is in a wedding and her dress is 600.00! I think it is rude to ask the bride to change dresses, Lisa does not! Check out what the people had to say to Julie!


On the topic of money you would be shocked at how many people HIDE purchases from their Husband or Wives. You will not believe what some of these guys hid from their Spouses…


Avengers is EVERYWHERE and I just do not get it! I explain my reasons here!




BIG DAY on the Show today! First we had the most obscene 2nd Date Update! That really led to our discussion too, check out the 2nd date first!!! Up First Lori wants to know why she was ghosted!

Matt told her why and… WOW!

Then they had it out LIVE on the air!!!



Then this turned into a serious discussion and hint, NOBODY likes Matt. A girl can eat WHATEVER she wants on a date!



Then Friends With Benefits was on and we have been 2 days without a double winner. Did we squeeze it out today? Find Out!  Dawn was our Winner!

Dawn had us call Georgie and the tension was there… WILL SHE ANSWER!!!





Busy Show Today! First up, Listener Court! Did Lisa pull out ANOTHER WIN??? Check out and see!


We learned about Dad Robe, when discussing parental dress codes!


Lisa was REALLY excited about the new McDonald’s all world Menu!!!




Today we discovered Lisa has had food stolen from her at work and it affected her Thanksgiving! Seriously, Do NOT miss this one!


Today is another Friends with Benefits and it was Tense… to say the least! Check it out, Here! P




What is the definition of Splitting a bill to you? I was shocked at how many people thought differently?



After a brief Hiatus the Podcast is BACK! Today’s will not disappoint, we discussed how you would react if you found out your wedding and engagement ring was fake! I was appalled but most people would not seem to mind… good to know!




Listener Court was EPIC! It was Rizzo’s First chance at a win… Did he pull it out?


Most people wash their hair BEFORE anything else. Rizzo thinks that is nuts! Do you?



I do not know how this happened but… Rasin Bran?


We found a list of words you should NEVER use, and we had Lisa try them out… Her YEET was perfect!!!




Today we got an email about Rizzo and how he should NEVER ask his mom for money… EVER! So we asked what is the age (if any) you completely cut off your kids from financial help?


Also it may be time to say goodbye to Kierra after all!!!



We wanted to know about if you could switch sides of the bed and it turned into a discussion about Hot Breath… Seriously!


We tried KRANCH and… EEEWW!!!




Second Date Update, whats to say? Zebra Noises?


KRANCH is in stores now and it made Lisa and I wonder, what is your weird condiment choice!




Another AMAZING Listener Court! Lisa took Rizzo to court for being a selfish co worker and turning the heat down to 60 degrees. Was Rizzo wrong or not! So far Lisa is 2-0


Chunky VS Creamy PB… and, GO!




On the show today we spoke about who is the BETTER half… literally!!! Who in your marriage is better looking! People went Bananas!




Today we discussed if you prefer a New Age Man or an Old School kind of man. After Kierra broke her Tailbone I have realized I am NOT quite the Manliest of Men out there! I was SHOCKED that most women preferred a manly man here in 2019!





Today on the show we had a debate about whether or not the “Shoes off” is a RULE in your house or not!  I was shocked about the reaction from listeners about how many people want shoes off in their house… NO DEBATES!



Today was Listener Court and Rizzo took Lisa today for being guilty of rubbing her Breakfast Sandwich in his face and never offering. Basically being a Sandwich tease!


Lisa defended herself by saying Rizzo NEVER offers to buy her food, EVER!


Then the Verdict… (HINT: Everyone Loves Lisa)




Couples after being married for a while develop a language. Let’s See how Lisa does with current Marriage Slang!!!


There is a BIG Difference between Dating and being in a relationship and Lisa took the Test to see where she is at! Looks like her new guy is in it for the long haul!



Tiffany wrote the show to say I was MISSING a HUGE topic this week. A new study says 8-10 women have a crush on their best male friend! She then said she does NOT believe a Woman is capable of having Male friends but Men are… This did not go over well!!!




Second Date Update was INSANE today! Peter met someone in an Elvis Chatroom and neglected to tell the woman he met one HUGE detail, it derailed the whole date!!! Here is Peter’s side!


Barb is quick to respond!!!


Then Barb loses it a bit and lets Peter have it!!!


Also today during 2nd Date Update Lisa dropped her purse! Out came Tiles, Soda, Socks, Chips, Dip and make-up… So I wanted to see what other woman had in their Purse and if people thought the Lisa carrying Tile around was odd… HINT: Apparently it was not!




Today was the first ever LISTENER COURT… ENJOY!!!



Today was supposed to be about how much age difference there was between you and your partner. It turned into a Cougar discussion and we learned about just how many Women in the area are with MUCH younger men!!!


Also it was national Laugh Day, and what better way to laugh then to make fun of such a crazy day!!!



Kierra was speaking to ANOTHER MAN in her sleep! A co-worker to be exact! Should I be worried? Do any of you out there have a Sleep Talker/ Walker?




WOW! What a Busy Day! A Woman wrote to Me and Lisa and asked for our advice about her adopted daughter. The Father (BIO) wrote her and said when she turns 18 next month he WILL tell her! The mother is freaking out and is at a loss as to what to do!


Also a BRAND NEW 2nd date update! Emily wrote to us to see why David ghosted her… Here is her side


But there is ALWAYS another side right… Here is Davids!!!


Emily did not take kindly to David calling her desperate and creepy… The confrontation!




Facebook Outage 2019! I decided to ask if the world lost Social media forever, could you handle it???

Today was BUSY!!! First the Roommates had their BIG Ellen Interview and I recorded it without them knowing… shhhh!!!

PART 2 Ellen: The Roommates explain why THEY are great as a couple and how they compete (HINT: It is NUTS!!!)




Today we found out Lisa knits and Rizzo grows CHIA Pets! So we wanted to know what your obscure hobby was?




Today Lisa and I discussed if there was ANYONE we knew that we could not deal with for 273 million bucks! We said HECK NO! We then asked if you had to spend your life with someone you hated for 273 Million, would you? Could you?




Disney launched a new streaming service and today we wanted to see if you would subscribe and how much you would pay… I was surprised some people would pay 40.00 a month!!!



2nd Date Update:

Dennis met April and wanted to have a Cute Date Night: And so it was… At First


Then we heard from April and well… We got the WHOLE story…


After we found out that he invited the clan, he suggested an arranged marriage,




The Show started out a little calm, until Debbie Called from Charlevoix and explained her love of Ear Tats


After Debbie called the discussion became about the age of consent and if you would allow your child to get a tattoo under 18!


If you miss Lisa, she was supposed to go to see the Space Shuttle, find out how Florida is going!



My Roommates a.k.a. Best Friends are going to be on a Game Show! Prize 100K! I have been floating them for a while so I asked if you were in my position, would it be wrong to and would you expect something back for it?


Also Miss Lisa, Here is our Daily Check in!!!




Someone came forward to claim the 1.5 Billion, Mega Millions Jackpot. They took the cash out option at roughly $877,000,000.00! Curious as to what you would do with that kind of money?


Lisa is still on vacation and I had to check in with her and WAKE HER UP… Again!!!




Lisa is on vacation and she is enjoying sleeping in… So why not wake her up since we are all up and cold in the AM!


Would you ask friends to donate $ to your wedding? Just found out 1\4 of people 35 and younger are crowdfunding their entire wedding or a portion? Think back to your wedding! How would this fly when you got married? What if your children did this because you could not financially help? Would it bother you?



Today’s 2nd date was INSANE again… Just listen, thats all I can say… that and… STASH!!!


So after Mark wrote us we got a hold of Diane


After Diane told us the TRUTH, the confrontation happened and… WOW!!!!


We also discussed Thermostat Wars and my desire to Save Northern Mi Children from parents who put the heat up over 70 in the winter… That did NOT go well!!!



So Kierra asked me to watch her kids to save money after school! I want to help but am nervous because I do not want to cross any boundaries with them! So I wanted to know how can you make kids like you without being a pushover or like a parent?



I was SHOCKED when I found out people who divorce or break up actually share custody of their PETS! Floored, I asked if this was common and was surprised to find out the results!

MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN 650 am Thursday Morning to hear Lisa talk about why she stayed with someone for a pet… WOW!



Today I found a crazy trend where couples are doing Relationship Pre-nups! I thought, not a bad idea in certain situations while Lisa HATED the idea. Lots of people seemed to think it was eerily similar to my brothers LIST! I didn’t see it and you let me have it!!!



Show today began with some good news… We announced the Winners of the Toy Story on Ice contest and spoke with Heidi from TC Figure Skating club about up coming events!





Another edition of 2nd Date Update and Today was well, interesting? Amy met Jeff at LOW BAR after both being stood up and after hitting it of he ghosted!


We finally get a hold of Jeff to find out why he Ghosted and the reason is NOT very nice… At All!!!


Amy was listening on the other line the whole time and she could not help but confront him, A LOT!!!



Today the show was bonkers, literally! Kierra my lady is in Vegas and she just told me that she is SHARING a room with another man aka a co-worker. I AM NOT HAPPY! I needed your advice, what would you do in this situation?




Today I had a lot planned and got to none of it because Lisa in crazy! We devolved into talks about peoples shower habits and if you Show in the AM or the PM… It was Bananas…




Today the show went totally sideways. I found out my room mate who I have know for 10 years, was a bathroom goer but in the buff, so I threw it out to you to see who has found out something CRAZY about someone after years of knowing them or moving in together. Then someone called and brought up pet rats and it was OVER!!!



When is it the right time to drop the L word. Valentines may be the day for me and Kierra, and people thought it was a BAD idea!




It is ALWAYS good to have a little self reflection! Show is rolling and after quite an interesting email I decided to turn the show over to you and see what you think? Do you like it? Hate it? Have input on what would make it better? I am all ears… Check out what people said (and NO it was NOT all a love fest) Lots of great points today!!!



Today on the show FINALLY we got Daniel! He came on to defend his LIST aka Relationship agreement and it did NOT go over well!!!



Today we talked about my brother who allowed his GF to write him a relationship agreement. We tried to get him on the show to no avail, he will be on tomorrow at 710! Here is what people said about the “LIST” and how to handle it… Warning it was NOT even close!



Today we discussed the newest trend people are using to pay for their weddings, crowdfunding! I think it is a great idea while Lisa HATES it and finds it Tacky! Most of you agreed with her, although a few smart Rizzo supporters called in today as well…



Second Date Update was INSANE today! Ian wrote the show and wanted to see why Sue ghosted him…

We got a hold of Sue finally and her reason for not calling Ian is a REALLY good one….

Then it was time for the awkward confrontation and it was… awkward?



My roommate who lives at my house with his Boyfriend and Dog for almost free, 160.00 a month (the cable bill), told me he thinks I need to get a cleaning person for the house? I was taken back and honestly offended but I did not know how to react since he helped me out when I was down. It is a touchy subject for me. I feel bad! So I put it out to the people and they did not seem to feel bad at all!



Do women REALLY HATE Valentines Day? According to Kate from Elk Rapids it is a FACT! I say a little extreme but most callers thought it was a made up Holiday! We had Kate on, the best few calls and then to break the gridlock Heather! Great Show today!


Happy February! Spring is a month closer! Today on the show we spoke about my landlord wanting to raise rent on me because my new roommate has a dog! Now I say hey kids are WAY Messier and destructive than dogs and most of you agreed! Here is the advice I was given today, although, NO! I will not sue my Landlord!



The topic again today was all weather!!! That being the case I had Mark Watkins, Chief Meteorologist from 7&4 News on to discuss why it is so cold!!!

Also, being the trend follower I am I tried to turn Water into Snow! Well it did not work out so well for me, here is what happened! See the full video on the KHQ Morning Show Facebook Page!


The man flu is a REAL THING! I was saddened to learn that us men are babies when we are sick, and it got so bad this AM my mother, Momma Rizzo called!



Snow was the story of the day today so not many callers, however, we had a few issues of note this Morning! First 50 Shades of Grey author EL James has a new book, Mister! We discussed it and if you are in on the new concept, Lisa and I are NOT!


I have been sick and asked for secret remedies for getting better and well some worked and others… not so much!




Today,was a day of reflection. Parent’s if your child was suspended from school for fighting in self defense would you be mad? Kierra’s son was and she grounded him! My mom is the same way! Curious to see how you would handle that and if fighting even in self defense is EVER acceptable!



Show today was insane after a wild 2nd date update! Jeff ghosted Angela after he found out she had armpit hair, so,  we wondered what Women thought about other Woman being hairy, the results, VERY shocking to me!




On Today’s Show Momma Rizzo Calls to confront me about telling her I DO NOT like her hanging out with her EX!!!



Crazy Show! I met the Best Friend and it DID NOT go well! Kierra brought her best friend up and sadly it did not go well. She was rolling her eyes at me and ignored me all day! Is she jealous or just mean? How much influence does she have over her? Can She interfere with and end our relationship? Here is the best calls and advice from today!

A CRAZY MIND-BENDER!!! I had to put it up! “The most complaints a Hotel gets is about what”? Nobody got it, until an hour later we gave a hint!!!



On the Show today we had an email from David. He wrote the show’s FB page to ask our opinion about his recent break up. He believes cursing is not lady like (his words) and so he broke up with his girlfriend because of it. He thinks its okay for men to but not women! So I read his email and put it out to you, and there was no shortage of opinions.



The MIND-BENDER has literally been a smash! It has broken my phones, annoyed you, made you all laugh and so I decided if you missed the mind-bender or you want to see what all the fuss was about I could help you out! Listen and tune in EVERYDAY at 840, first right guess gets bragging rights and some food! Make no mistake it is MUCH harder then you think!



Have you ever had a friend or family member that was or is in a terrible relationship and you wish they would just leave them already? My friend Jimmy has been cheated on multiple times and calls me when his girlfriend hurts him, but he wont leave! So I asked everyone on the show,  what would you do in this situation? I am ready to give up and not talk to him! Here are the best advice calls of the day!



CRAZY SHOW TODAY! Kierra came on for the 1st time to give her side of our recent argument over letting my roommates move in and me forgetting to tell her. I let her explain why she was mad, I was able to explain where I was coming from and instead of fighting we decided to leave it up to you all and whatever the consensus was we would follow. Hard to admit, but I messed up here a bit so I called her back to say sorry. Here is the best advice we got this AM and the final apology to Kierra live on the radio! Enjoy!!!




I am happy to be back and boy were the phones cooking today, so much so that they BROKE! On the show this AM we discussed what you think a Woman’s role in Professional sports should be. We got on this topic because of Sarah Thomas the NFL referee who became the first woman ever to officiate a Playoff game. I was surprised at how many people did not think women should be able to play sports professionally with men! I say GO FOR IT!!! Here is the best of the best from today!



Today on the show we discussed my friend Craig who just got engaged. Thing is this was the 4th time he asked her after being denied 3 times. When I asked him what she said about the proposal he told me he overheard her say to her sister “well in 41, not getting younger, he makes good money and I think we can be happy”. He did not see an issue with that, I however do! So I asked today Have YOU ever settled and if so why, since 4 out of 10 are currently in a relationship like that… Here are the best of the best people from today!



On the show today a HEATED DEBATE! I was speaking to the girlfriend yesterday about a hypothetical situation. I was talking about IF (we are NOT there yet nor did I ask her) but IF I asked her to move in that I would pay most of the bills. I said it is a matter of Chivalry and being kind and loving, she insisted that she would HAVE TO pay half… Well I asked everyone who they agreed with and it was SPLIT! 50/50. Here is the best of the best from today!




Happy New Year!!!! Crazy Show Today! My sister decided to buy her kids ages 5,7 and 9 an I phone X. Well I after being asked told her that was unacceptable and no kid needs a 1000 phone with internet access. Needless to say most of you agreed!



WOW! What a show! Today I discussed my first REAL ISSUE with Kierra who wants me to take down my online dating profile! I am not sure why I do not want too, it is a little bit like I feel like she is telling me too, a little is what if we do not work out, so many feelings and issues here, so I asked what you think I should do… and today… NO AGREEMENTS so, Im still not sure, maybe I will listen to Lisa!!! OH NO!!!



Pets for Christmas? Is it a bad idea? Pets are the #2 thing parents purchased for their kids this holiday season and 44% of them will end up in a shelter or re-homed! Do you think it is irresponsible for you to buy your child a pet as a gift… I confess I started out the morning thinking so, BUT, I changed my mind after all of you weighed in today! Check out all the calls and comments below! Thank you all so much for checking in!!!



On the show today I discussed a personal issue happening at home! My family is divided over an issue about Santa! My Grandma who is 86, took my cousin’s 11 month old baby to see Santa! Thing is it was her first Christmas and my cousin REALLY wanted to take her daughter to see Santa. Now the family is divided! Do you think this is a really big deal, or do you think she is over reacting!!! Most of you thought it was a big deal although some sided with Grandma!!! Check out what everyone said!



Today’s show was a BLAST!!! First I needed help deciding how I should act at my company Christmas Party~ I am new so I did not know if it was weird to have a few beers and I asked for some advice!


Then after posting about pets and buying them gifts listener Emily called the show to tell me not only should I buy pets gifts but the deserve a FULL CHRISTMAS!!! LIKE KIDS!!!


Well I certainly thought she was a little out there to say the least, so I needed you all to back me up and agree… I do not think that happened!!! Here are the best callers from today about buying pets gifts and if they realize what Christmas is… Shocked at the answers!!!

Thank you all again so much for all the interaction and weighing in on the topics this week! You make my job so easy and I appreciate you all for that! Have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas!



On the Show today, another edition of 2nd Date Update! This week Emily called the show with an issue! She met David after he asked her out AT WORK 5 times, they had a great time she says and he has disappeared! I try to get to the bottom of it for her!

Emily’s initial call and explanation of the Date!




In addition to 2nd date, my new girlfriend Kierra and I had a discussion about Christmas gifts and she told me “I didn’t have to get her anything”! I figured this was great, but Lisa and MANY of you told me that actually means something VERY DIFFERENT! So now rushing to get a gift I need to know what I should get and how much to spend! This is what everyone said this AM! I can tell you one thing, I learned that whenever a lady says she does NOT want a gift, SHE DOES!!!!



Today was a BLAST! I made the mistake of putting up pictures of my apartment. Reason being Kierra my new girlfriend came over for 20 minutes and my apartment was a mess. She changed her vibe towards me quickly and so I decided to get everyone’s opinion on the issue. Is a Messy Place a total deal breaker. 5000 views, 200 comments and dozens of calls later, I figured out it 100% WAS! Uh oh! Here are the best calls from the day and what I learned after it all!!! Enjoy and check back daily for new podcast episodes!!!



Busy Show Today! Over the weekend I was at Grand Traverse Mall and was SHOCKED when a man working at the Food Court REFUSED service to a customer while she was on her phone… So I asked, is this REALLY that big a deal? Looks like I was in the minority thinking this is no big deal, lots of people agreed with his reaction and called the show to voice their experiences…. Here is a look at what you missed this Morning. Head to the 106 KHQ Morning Show Facebook to read what people think!


Also a Family issue has me puzzled! My brother is in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. His significant other (in my opinion) is staying with him because he has a good job. So I asked have you ever stayed in a relationship too long? Why? It was surprising to see he is NOT the only one!!!



Today we announced the FINAL WINNER for the KHQ Choir Competition grades 9-12. The winners are Gaylord High school choir and in the K-8 category we have   St. Ignatius Catholic School of Rogers City! Today Rizzo spoke to the Choir directors about their wins, what it means to the students and what they will be doing for their big performance!!!

K-8  winner St. Ignatius Choir Dir. Amy Rabeau-


Grades 9-12 Winner Gaylord High School Choir Dir. Justin Reed

A HUGE CONGRATS to all the finalists and Winners from the whole KHQ and McDonald Garber Family!


Did You Miss the show today? Here is some on what you missed!


Second Date Update: Today on the show Reggie wants to know why a GREAT girl he went on a blind date has been ghosting him! He thinks the date went well and is at a loss as to why she wont return his calls, so today I got to the bottom of it, and of course there are 2 sides to each story!!! Check it out and see if you can figure out who is lying!!!


Reggie and Cassandra (Reggie’s side)

Second Date Update: Cassandra’s side!!!