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If your parents NEVER believed in you, then fell on hard times would you help them out!!!

35 Years Ago Today… Sweatin’ with the Oldies

Richard Simmons came into our lives and its never been the same since…

Makin Pancakes with Lady Butterworth

Fat Tuesday Drone “The Dronenut”

Remember Mister Microphone?


Chris wrote to us. He has been with his boss for 2 years, thing is, his best friend (the one who got him the job) has had a crush on her forever and HE KNOWS IT! He

The Fiber Song!

Track 2 of Rizzo’s Cherry Fest debut! FIBER! It is important to take Fiber and be regular! We are zeroed in on the Mucil!


Lisa LIED to all of us! Kids are devistated! We tried to quell the anger but the kids kept calliing! NO PONIES NO BUENO!

Happy Belated Dr. Crane

Dr. Crane turned 65 today and I could not be happier to celebrate. ALONE…. BUT I AM CELEBRATING!

Shammy Shake and The McDonald Family!

Ronald as the FEELS about the Shammy Shake!

Would You Pull Off the TOUPE?

A Woman wants to confront her new man about his toupe’ It is clearly a FAKE RUG, he hasn’t acknowledged it and she just wants to pull it off!!!

Rizzo gets OWNED in Stand Up Comedy!

Rizzo will be at Studio Anatomy this evening to see Stand Up Comedy! He is so excited that he could not wait and shared his dream of being a stand up comic! Jeff aqnd Lisa chuckled so

DOWN ON THE FARM: Lisa Defends Blackie and Whitey!

The 50/50 Shot.

5 Million or Death. It is a 50/50 shot, would you take it? Rizzo would, Jeff would chicken out and Lisa… well if she was older!

Yance in the Pants! Rizz Poppa’s Buddy!

Remember RONCO and the Hair in a Can!

5 AM Hour with a Flummoxed Lisa

The Suggestion Box? Anyone?


2nd Date Update: Brony Scootabuse

Lebron’s Kids Book!

Golden Girls GOT SOUL!!!


Parents Gift of a Honeymoon: Oh They Are Coming with…

Yes they got them a honeymoon and are staying in the room NEXT to them!!! Would you go?

Listener Court! The SHAW and Lisa’s Hatred of it!





And then there was Maude…


Lisa had to arrest a goat today!




Second Date Update- Lisa’s Creeper


The Rest of the Show~

I bought a pair of Leather Pants and Jeff and Lisa HATE THEM! I think they look GREAT!

That Cornflakes Chicken RUINS Cereal for Rizzo, ALL THE TIME!

Dane out 12 year old fan called to do accents and he was… well… better than Lindsay Lohan

Dr. Tuande sent me a letter and said he was trapped in space! He needs my Bank Account # to get home!!! He has been in space since 1990, that’s 30 Years!!!





Kids Bop released their newest album and I am HYPE! Jeff and Lisa are NOT! Do you like Kids Bop…


Listener Court today was to decide if I would let Jeff decorate or not? So who won?


Lisa LOVES fruitcakes… Does ANYONE ELSE? Literally anyone?


Today we had listener Crystal who was photoshopped by her husband. Thing is it really does not bother her. Needless to say not many people believed her… At All!!!


1 out 0f 3 people have not read a book in AT LEAST a year! So we wanted to get you all excited about reading again. Did it work?


If you were trampled by Bison on a date would you go back?


OH HECK… As Lisa likes to SAY… OH HECK!!!




The whole crew is back together and we are back to regular! The InstaPot vs. The Emeril… Can we convert her?


Sometimes Adult Time Out is a good idea… I think my bosses WISH they could put me in to it!!!


The TC TURKEYS have gone missing! Help us locate them!!!


What a let down… our favorite Halloween Candy in MI is… YUCK!


Are Jeff and I in a domestic partnership? Just because I got him Balloons?




The “RIZZO TERROR TOUR” begins TONIGHT, 9pm at The Ghost Farm at Kingsley (check out their website and see all the cool things to do with the family!


I spoke about it today and I really meant that I need support. Get your tickets at the link below and check out our podcast! This is going to be epic!!!