Hey, My name is Scotty "The Night Guy" for 106KHQ.

I get paid to entertain you every night from 7p-Midnight. Occasionally I will have a "PIC" (Partner in Crime) his name is Jimmy Hot Keys. 

Once in college I attempted to break the world record for most chicken nuggets was an epic failure, but I am still training and one day ill get it. 

Dont be afraid to call and chat 231-947-1106 


HOLY S#$% This made me absolutly lose my S#$% who would not want to make a 7 layer cake of nothing but pizza........the answer is nobody if you have not seen this yet well what rock are you hiding under Geez o pete I LOVE AMERICA

The best part about this is it could not be eaiser to make and I have the recipe for you so GO NUTS

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