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by Fish posted Oct 20 2017 6:23PM
If there is one thing that Pokemon Go has done right, and that they can be proud of, is there in game events. Offering double- this, and double that. And back again this year is the Halloween event, spawning the Ghost and Dark types... along with a few special friends from Generation 3.

That's right, for the first time, we are seeing brand new Pokemon from gen 3 spawning for the next two weeks!

by Fish posted Oct 19 2017 6:32PM
Last night saw the Detroit Pistons play a game in Detroit for the first time since 1978 when they last played at Cobo. Now playing their home games in Little Caesars Arena, sharing space with the Red Wings, it was hotly anticipated... although not hotly attended. Looking at pictures and videos from the game, the arena was only about half full.

But hey, Em was there!

by Fish posted Oct 18 2017 5:15PM
Jeopardy has been pretty good lately, from that bartender dude that went on quite the run, to the current champion, who won last night by only winner ONE DOLLAR. You gotta check this out.
by Fish posted Oct 17 2017 5:03PM
Are you ready for it? It's called...


Yep. Well officially it's "Solo: A Star Wars Story" but yeah. Solo. Not that I was looking for a huge title reveal or anything. Can't wait for this spring!

Check out the video that Ron Howard posted to twitter today below!
by Fish posted Oct 16 2017 5:24PM
Even though it gets constantly bashed, SNL has been really good the last few years. Always up on the political and social topics, they had an amazing short over the weekend that parodied the movie IT. It featured Alex Moffat and Kate McKinnon as Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway. I'm convinced that Kate McKinnon is probably the best cast member that I've ever seen on the show.

by Fish posted Oct 13 2017 10:45AM
Two weeks away from the release! Check out this awesome final trailer for the new season that features Eleven. I can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaait!

by Fish posted Oct 12 2017 4:45PM
So what would happen if the (arguably) biggest star in pop music right now basically created her own social network? Welcome to "The Swift Life" a new app coming to your smartphone. Connect with Taylor and other T-Swift fans, listen to her music, all in one location.

by Fish posted Oct 11 2017 5:15PM
According to Red Wings superfan Nick Horvath, when he was escorted out of opening night at Little Caesars Arena last Thursday night, security guards told him he was banned for life for throwing an Octopus on the ice.

If you didn't know, this has been a thing with the Wings for quite some time now, dating back to the 50s where the eight tentacles of the Octopus symbolized the eight wins (at the time) it took to win the Stanley Cup.

However, a spokesperson for the Red Wings today said that the man was NOT banned for life, just merely ticketed, and then released. Are they just trying to save face? Or did mr Horvath embellish a little perhaps?

Read more courtesy of the Detroit News.
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by Fish posted Oct 10 2017 5:17PM
I love brunch, like a whole lot. What I wouldn't do for the chance to be in these guys shoes for a video. I mean they get to go out to amazing places and eat food all on the company dime. Its the beeeeeeest.

Check out their adventures looking for the best deals on brunch.

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by Fish posted Oct 9 2017 5:20PM
It's here! The first trailer for The X-Files Season 11 coming in 2018! I was super excited when they brought this back in 2016, and now can't wait for the return... again!

Check it out below

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by Fish posted Oct 6 2017 6:21PM

Join me, and maybe drop a follow over at http://www.twitch.tv/theradiofish
by Fish posted Oct 5 2017 5:14PM
Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games stars in this sci-fi nerd fest that looks to pay homage to many classic films. I for one am looking forward to watching this new series coming to Hulu on November 14th!

by Fish posted Oct 4 2017 10:32AM
What are the most significant urban legends in each state? The Thrillist put together a list that contains one from each of the United States. Not sure if I agree with what they put for Michigan, but Hells Bridge is certaintly a doozie.

Here is their explanation

The Nain Rouge and Dogmen? They've got nothing on the tale of Elias Friske, a deranged old preacher who, according to blood-curdling lore, pied-pipered a group of tethered children into the woods near what is now Algoma Township. He slaughtered them one by one, casting them into Cedar Creek before being caught by their parents and hanged, but not before saying he was possessed by demons. In its current form, Hell's Bridge is a creaky, narrow metal footbridge in the middle of the woods, where those brave enough to cross at night claim to hear the voices and screams of children, and are sometimes greeted by a black figure with glowing eyes as they traverse it.
Where it came from: There is no record of an Elias Friske in the area, though there was a prominent Friske family beginning in the 1910s. Still, despite the lack of hard facts, anyone who's visited the bridge will attest that there's something out there, and it usually makes its presence known as you're teetering on a shaky metal bridge in the moonlight.

Read the rest of them here: https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/creepiest-urban-legend-in-every-state-american-folklore
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by Fish posted Oct 3 2017 6:11PM
In their pursuit of the most ridiculously overpriced foods, the 'Worth It' guys are back to try three different types of fried chicken at three drastically different prices. Would you pay this much for luxury fried chicken? I'd pass on it myself because I'm a broke ass DJ. But if someone would buy it for me I wouldn't object.

by Fish posted Oct 2 2017 5:05PM
Ryan Gosling is apparently not a fan of the Papyrus Font. Or at least the character he portrayed in this SNL skit from last Saturday night. As expected, many of the segments were huge hits. The alien abduction bit stole the show, but this was my winner. Love it!

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