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by Fish posted Jan 15 2018 4:35PM
I have this trouble, it sometimes takes me a while to fall asleep, unless I am dead tired. If I have to get up super early, I try to go to sleep early to no avail. Watch this video below to see what are some of the factors including what you eat or drink, or depending on if the moon is full or not?

Anyways, check it out.

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by Fish posted Jan 12 2018 5:26PM
In classic Nintendo fashion, they don't follow the norm when announcing games. Game companies usually tease the heck out of it, post hints, and then work their way to a reveal trailer. Nintendo basically says, here's what we've got coming up, enjoy.

they do this via what they call "Nintendo Directs" and they had a mini one yesterday, check it out.

by Fish posted Jan 11 2018 5:03PM
Most parents find it a struggle to get their kids to eat vegetables, let alone Foie Gras or Frog Legs. Check out this cute video from the folks over at Bon Apetite on YouTube.

by Fish posted Jan 10 2018 3:51PM

Seems like a simple task right? You look at a lineup of owners, and then they bring out dogs one by one and you have to pair pup with person. Well maybe not according to this video. Check it out below.

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by Fish posted Jan 9 2018 5:09PM
One of my favorite things to do when my girlfriend and I host friends over at our house is to break out the Jackbox games on the Xbox One. And one that's always a hit is Quiplash. You're given a prompt on your screen and you have to fill in the blank to get as funny or interesting as possible for other people to vote on yours. Jimmy Fallon and his guests played this game last night, check it out.

by Fish posted Jan 8 2018 4:50PM
J-law becomes a badass russian in this upcoming movie due in theaters this March. Check out the trailer below.

by Fish posted Jan 5 2018 6:26PM
David Letterman is back with a Netflix series that debuts next Friday! "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" will be a short 6 episode series with the episodes running about 60 mintues in length each. It sounds like they will be releasing each episode on a monthly basis. I'm excited to check it out.

by Fish posted Jan 4 2018 5:15PM
Mark Rober runs one of the coolest channels on YouTube, if you ever remember seeing the guy who made the giant nerf gun, or giant super soaker... thats him. This time around, he tests the science behind arcade machines, and povides some insight as to whythey are in fact rigged for you to lose.

by Fish posted Jan 3 2018 5:12PM
If Coolio was watching Jeopardy, he'd certainly be upset at this contestants response to a category. Jeopardy judges actually deducted points later for the incorrect usage of "Gangster's Paradise" instead of the correct "Gangsta's Paradise", It really didn't matter though, the contestant went on to win anyways. Though to be fair, looking at the dude, he's probably never used the word "Gangsta" in his life, I mean just check out the look on his face.

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by Fish posted Jan 2 2018 4:26PM
In a youtube video posted today, Justin Timberlake teases his new album, called "Man of the Woods", that drops on February 2nd. Good news for us, we get a new song this Friday! Watch the video below.

by Fish posted Jan 1 2018 1:55PM
Every year, our friends up at LSSU put out a list of words that really should be just left in the previous year. And this year's list is pretty great. Some of my favorites include:

Fake News
Hot Water Heater
Drill Down

Check out the full list over at ---> ​https://www.lssu.edu/banished-words-list/
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